January 21, 2022
Haiti is rapidly sliding into the abyss as gangs take over the Nation. Standing against this threat is a poorly equipped PNH – National Police. Some officers do not even have weapons. Others, with weapons, do not have sufficient ammunition to deal with threats, when they arise.
Such was the case – yesterday – when 5 officers were dispatched from the Petion-Ville Casserne to deal with a reported problem. The unit was heavily engaged and, for the next two hours, the officers begged for back-up, but no one answered the phone at the Petion-Ville Casserne.
Other officers would beat up the commander of the Petion-Ville unit and throw him out. 

Shocking audio as the Police officers are fired on, and repeatedly request back-up

More shocking audio as the Police officers are fired on, and repeatedly request back-up


The situation has really been impossible, for some time, as gang leaders – with shadowy support – take control of areas around the Nation.
DGPNH Frantz Elbe fights with one hand tied behind his back as other high-level PNH officers work to destabilize him, hoping to take his place. DG Elbe is a good man to meet the challenges, but he must be given realistic, and immediate support to win the battle.
We are not optimistic!
And, the PNH – police – are not really structured or trained to deal with these challenges. The Haitian Army – FadH – was. Aristide knew this and did away with the balancing factor.
We also see substantial numbers of PNH officers on non-constructive duties, such as 4 or five PNH people guarding time-expired Senators and other people.
Today’s crisis can be traced to the American betrayal of their promises in 1994, when they planned to have the FadH – Haiti’ Army – act as a countervailing force against Aristide’s predictable grab for power upon his return in 1994.
Aristide returned, disbanded the FadH and delayed elections until he could force acceptance of Preval- with the threat that he would stay “for three more years,” to make up for time lost in his Washington exile.
Now, any suggestion that the FadH should be revived, trained, or equipped, is met with American outrage.
Haiti has forever paid for American mistakes that have derailed the Nation’s progress, and now survival.
Those with Visas and cash abandon Haiti, leaving the rest of us to enjoy the fruits of American stupidity.
Michael Collins


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