U.N. Should Be Responsible For Ensuring Cholera Campaign In Haiti Succeeds

U.N. Should Be Responsible For Ensuring Cholera Campaign In Haiti Succeeds

Mar 21, 2017

New York Times: U.N. Accepts Blame but Dodges the Bill in Haiti
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“…The United Nations has the duty to end the cholera crisis because the United Nations caused it. … Only last December did [the U.N.] apologize and promise to make things right. The secretary general at the time, Ban Ki-moon, promised strenuous efforts, called the ‘New Approach,’ to eradicate cholera from the country. That unfinished job has fallen to Mr. Ban’s successor, António Guterres. The New Approach envisions spending $400 million, but has raised only about $2 million. … [The U.N.] declared the ‘end in sight’ for cholera — in 2013 — and is now hoping, under a new leader, to overcome the donor fatigue, inattention, and neglect that have robbed Haitians of their right to healthy lives. … Mr. Guterres needs to use every bit of skill and good will to compel and cajole member nations and philanthropies to make the cholera campaign succeed — and with it, to settle the United Nations’ moral debt to Haiti…” (3/21).


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