Tropical Storm Matthew kills earthquake survivors-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

# Sunday Herald Sun # September 25, 2010 7:42PM

TROPICAL storm Matthew blasted through Haiti’s capital, killing at least five earthquake survivors.

And seven Venezuelans died in a Caracas slum due to heavy rains from the storm.

Haitian authorities said three adults and two children were killed in the camps that dominate Port-au-Prince and house 1.3 million people almost nine months after the January 12 earthquake.

Gales sent tarps and poles flying, threw tin roofs into the sky and opened shacks to falling rain.

“Tonight we don’t know where we are going to sleep,” said Bresil Vignion, standing in the wreckage of his family’s tin shack.

With the hurricane season months from being over, Haitians are vulnerable.

“We hope we don’t get a second one like it,” said Patricia Pierre-Saint, 47, who lost her home, child and husband in the quake.

In Venezuela, authorities said the seven died after their home was flooded.



Nothing new here.

We lose people with most big storms….but they die unnoticed.

Yesterday’s storm was so violent that media people actually looked for the results, and found a few. More died than was reported.

And, the situation continues to worsen as Bill Clinton, and others, broker deals in Haiti and look for big commissions.

Hundreds of millions – in commission – are being made while the Haitian people wait for tangible results. Clinton and Ban Ki Moon, along with others…urge patience. This is a major undertaking – the reconstruction of Haiti – and it takes time to arrange confidential wire transfers of commission payments into the criminals’ bank accounts.


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  1. So sad, they just can’t seem to get a break.This could have been handled so much better, it’s not like storms and hurricanes are unusual this time of year. Why can they not use warehouses for emergency shelters, or larger public buildings? Anything to shelter the people.Thank you so much for your continued truth,keeping us informed.WE WILL NOT FORGET THEM.GOD BLESS THEM ALL.X

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