Tropical Storm Harold makes landfall in Texas as Franklin looms just south of Haiti

The Atlantic Ocean remained crowded Tuesday morning, but only two tropical storms posed a threat to land — and neither was a menace to South Florida at the moment. After a busy start to the week with five tracked systems, by Tuesday two had weakened to disturbances and one dissolved into a remnant low, all far from land. Tropical Depression 9 strengthened into Tropical Storm Harold early Tuesday morning and made landfall hours later. Tropical Storm Franklin, which has Haiti and the Dominican Republic in its cross hairs for later this week, could strengthen into the season’s second hurricane over the weekend.

Here’s what forecasters wrote in the National Hurricane Center’s Tuesday 11 a.m. advisories: WHERE IS TROPICAL STORM FRANKLIN HEADED? The hurricane center was having a little difficulty precisely placing the center of Tropical Storm Franklin on Tuesday, which makes exact forecasting of the track tough.

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