Tribute to the memory of the painter Préfète Duffaut

Haiti - Culture : Tribute to the memory of the painter Préfète Duffaut

The Ministry of Culture honors the memory of the great Haitian painter Préfète Duffaut, died last Saturday at the age of 89, who succeeded to convince the public and experts by each of his works. He was throughout his life a great ambassador of the city of Jacmel, where he was born January 1, 1923, and of the Republic of Haiti. Préfète Duffaut was part of the group of painters who realized in 1950, the murals of the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

“Categorized as naive painter, Préfète Duffaut invented a style, proposed a look, mixed the colors in an inimitable manner. The amateur as the connoisseur embarks at first glance in his imaginary cities, streets, bridges superposed, of which we can always to his generous invitation, touch the sky, access to this magnificence that characterizes his paintings.

The Ministry of Culture wants to say thank you to this great artist, who has illuminated the world of painting and of art in general and that leaves us in heritage, so much beauty and things to dream.

The Ministry of Culture asks to the family of Préfète Duffaut, to the Community of Artists and all those who knew him, to receive his sincere sympathies.”

The funeral of the artist, will be sung, Saturday, Oct. 13 at the church Saint Louis Roi de France, Turgeau. The exposure of the body is planned starting from 6:00 am to the Ange Bleu, Turgeau. The family will receive friends and representatives of the cultural sector in their residence at 10, rue Reine à Fontamara 43, this Friday, October 12 from 9:00 pm.

Note of Sympathy of the Haitian National Pantheon Museum (MUPANAH)

“Saturday, October 6, 2012, the famous Haitian painter, Préfète Duffaut left our world. The cultural world mourns the loss of one of its members. The Haitian National Pantheon Museum (MUPANAH) highlights the departure of a remarkable monument of the Haitian painting.

Préfète Duffaut, takes his place among the artists who, through their style, have contributed to the reputation of the pictorial art of Haiti. The famous murals of the cathedral of Holy Trinity of the Episcopal Church, completed in 1950, also bear his imprint. In addition, the MUPANAH is proud to have him among the famous painters whose works enrich its collection.

In this painful circumstance, MUPANAH bows to the remains of the Great and immortal artist and asks his family, friends and all Haitian artists affected by this loss to accept the expression of its sincere condolences.”

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