TRENDING: Palin goes to Haiti

By: CNN Political Director Sam Feist

(CNN) – It turns out that Sarah Palin’s next overseas trip won’t be to England or Israel, as was widely reported Thursday.

CNN has learned that the former Alaska governor will be traveling to Haiti this weekend with Franklin Graham and his relief organization Samaritan’s Purse.

They will be visiting a cholera clinic, among other stops.


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4 thoughts on “TRENDING: Palin goes to Haiti

  1. I guess this dumb B thinks she can save Haiti. She can’t even save her family from looking like dummies

  2. who was talking about saving Haiti if the civil war is about to errupt soon?
    and u all know how she thinks about using gun.she is going for business.selling weapon is good one for people like her.INITE paeties need her.cause they are goig to need a lot of guns,but the haitian people should not le preval get away with this scam.Celestin shall be erased from the haitian history for ever

  3. This should be very interesting. I wonder if her camera crews will be a tow. If she going to do humanitarian work; like actually hands on work then I’m all for it. She will still remain a door nob though.

  4. You have got to be kidding me! This woman is campaigning. When I contacted Samaritan’spurse for help in the west department they told me they were not working in this area. THEY chose where THEY wanted to help. Oh the stories I have. Now, they are joining forces with the likes of Sarah Palin. The woman who is willing to destroy HER own president, rather than work with him to change the lives of Americans. What a good “samaritan” she is.

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