Towards the metamorphosis of Wharf Jérémie (Cité Soleil)


Haiti - Reconstruction : Towards the metamorphosis of Wharf Jérémie (Cité Soleil)

Located southwest of the City of Cité Soleil, the place commonly called “Wharf Jérémie” [commercial port, inter-regional and of cabotage] will host soon, one of the largest socio-community infrastructure projects of the country.

Located on just over 7 acres, which served for a long time of landfill, this project will blend harmoniously into a landscape where nature will take its rights, with walks and green spaces for leisure and pleasure.

Without interfering with port activities, these socio-community infrastructure will be placed in an area bounded by the coast converted into beltway and protected up to 2.50 m. The set will also be secured and equipped against any possible fire, the buildings will be prefabricated metal structures based on floating rafts for stronger security measures against the effects of the phenomenon of soil liquefaction under seismic impulses.

This project of socio-community infrastructure, launched 24 September 2013 by the President Martelly is funded pat the State, through the Petrocaribe funds, to the tune of 20.6 million U.S. dollars. The work will take 24 months. A second phase of the project will rehabilitate the banks of the bay of Port-au-Prince.

In this project which includes 2 km of road hierarchical, enhanced with parking areas, facilitating internal circulation and connection with the access road extending Delmas / La Saline will be built an important center of Technical and Vocational Training of 16,791.70 m2 with a capacity of 432 students (32 classrooms).

“The Centre for Technical with Vocational Training of Cité Soleil” responds to the need to build differently in Haiti to prevent technical uncertainties that could cause losses and verify compliance with the rules of the art in construction. This center will allow youth who have completed the ‘brevet’ or who have not completed secondary education, to acquire technical skills in building masonry, metalwork, plumbing, carpentry and cabinetmaking. After ten months of training, these young people can obtain a Certificate of Professional Competence.

In addition to the construction trades, the center will offer young people (bac1 or that ended bac 2), he opportunity to obtain a technical diploma in the fields of industry, such as electrical engineering, electricity (industry and construction), computers, refrigeration and secretariat.

This vast project will also include the construction of a new modern market called “Market Wharf Jérémie” which will extend over 22,646.06 m2. With a host capacity of 1,340 merchants, the whole will be composed of four modules including 3 offering stalls. The 4th unit will house restaurants, deposits, cold rooms, landing docks, administration and security, and the toilet block. Spaces of ontrolled circulation, parking and loading area are also included.

In addition to the administration responsible of the management of these infrastructures a branch of the Maritime and Navigation Service of Haiti (SEMANAH) and Agents of the National Police of Haiti will also be present on this site.

Energy needs will be provided by solar panels while rainwater is collected in a tank and redistributed in standpipes.

Recall that the decision taken by Martelly / Lamothe Government to achieve this great project falls under the Strategic Development Plan of Haiti (PSDH) developed in New York, March 31, 2010 together with international partners.


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