October 5, 2017 7:57 AM

The situation is rapidly accelerating towards a melt-down as opposition forces – working against the best interests of our Nation and 12,000,000 Haitians -maneuver to force the collapse of our government, the Jovenel Moise Government.


Demonstrations, over the past weeks, have been feeble at best, considering the millions invested.

The peripheral property damage has been troubling. Vehicles burned, people beaten, businesses attacked.

A very poor return on investment for those behind the turbulence, Moise Jean Charles, Aristide, Dominican elements, political and business, Lavalas, Potentates of Power, some local businessman – protecting their monopolies, and the usual band of trouble-makers – always ready to create chaos, without ever proposing a realistic alternative.


Last Saturday we saw a decrease in numbers demonstrating, with a exponential increase in violence. Something like 150 vehicles were destroyed, business attacked, people beaten.  Cash is being invested in truly violent people with bonuses for each vehicle destroyed and business attacked. Participants are given carte blanche to keep what they steal, making the project more attractive.


Cell phones are a major target.

After each manifestation you can find “bargain cell phones” for sale on the streets. Last demo one guy stole 12 cell phones.

There is a peripheral acceleration of other violence with home invasions and kidnappings starting to spread. A recent evening saw a home invasion and attempted kidnap in the Gardere residence on Pelerin 9, Petion-Ville. A beauty supply store in Petion-Ville was raided and the owner shot and killed!

As the stakes increase, we will see people killed in order to further paralyze the community.

An old Sniper’s Motto fits the situation: “Kill one and terrorize 10,000!”

And, with Chief Gedeon, a Time-Capsule left behind by Privert, we see Lavalas leadership in control of the PNH. When action is required, Chief Gedeon turns his phone off.

It is October 5, 2017 and The Enemies of the State have promised chaos for “the next five days,” with the continued threat – “To continue until Jovenel leaves the Palace.”

The opposition has formed some new grouping under one of those loved titles. It is the “Coalition of some sort…”  when it is actually “The coalition of Nothing,”  representing nothing other than a few of the trouble-makers who are against anything, provided they are paid.


Gedeon contemplates Jovenel’s failure

Behind all of the smoke and mirrors, Aristide lurks as the real, long-term threat, hiding in his Tabarre Lair.

Moise Jean Charles sees himself as President.

Aristide, the spider in his web, will let Moise Jean Charles destabilize the Jovenel Moise government – then eliminate him, using this crime as another weapon against Jovenel. Aristide used this concept during the Embargo, killing his internal opponents, then blaming it on the FAdH.

Jovenel should isolate this danger by blocking Internet and Cell Phone Service to his property. This is a simple thing with existing blocking techniques.


Today’s planned demonstration may work.

It may not work.

Traffic on the streets at 7:00 AM is normal.

No problems.

A failure  today simply mean a regrouping and new tactics.

The danger remains and until President Moise takes real and firm actions to eliminate this threat, these threats to his government, our government, Haiti’s government, a few will be allowed to destroy the lives of millions.

The old adage of breaking eggs to make an omelet fits the situation.

The people behind these movements to destroy our Democracy must be blocked. Jovenel should start by canceling dozens of radio licenses for units supplying support for criminal actions.

RADIO TI MOUN should be the first.

As Chairman Mao said – “Every journey begins with a single step.”

Let RADIO TI MOUN be our first step.



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