Thony Loui Promotes Haiti Cotton With Timberland Instagram Takeover

At 12:00 noon EDT today (US, Canada and Haiti), artist Thony Loui will take over Timberland’s European Instagram account in order to talk about art, cotton, Haiti… and more.
Click HERE to follow Thony’s live Instagram takeover, or click the image below for a one-minute introduction to community cotton.
Francesca Desulme

Thony, creator of the comic book supershero Tanama, has enlisted four other Haitian artists to help him in this takeover effort. They have each been commissioned by Timberland to create cellphone wallpaper designs based on a theme of trees. This was chosen because Timberland’s partnership with the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) to create a new sustainable supply chain for Haitian cotton is linked to planting trees and improving farmers lives.
The four stunning wallpaper images below will be available for free during Thony’s Instagram takeover. You can also download them from here to your phone. We encourage you to check out each artist’s social media links.
Waleo Moliere
Anayica W. Louis
Smallholder Farmers Alliance

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