June 9, 2019

A lot of money has been invested in a very sophisticated operation to put people on the streets today, throughout the nation. Without the substantial cash payments, the Nation would be experiencing another quiet Sunday.

Any propaganda campaign needs a simple subject that everyone can understand, even if the premise is false.

The PETROCARIBE thing is perfect.

Billions are involved and you reduce the target from the many, many, many who took PETROCARIBE dollars – such as those actually funding today’s demonstrations – Vorbe – Ceant – Boulos – the many Senators/Deputies and Preval who managed to steal $198,000,000 – and blame President Moise for the crimes that may exist.

And you then continually harp on the figure of $3,800,000,000 when the figure should be $1,800,000,000.

We have been entertained by the creation of several reports on PETROCARIBE whose authors are drawn from our Lavalas segment of society.

And then there is President Moise’s unreasonable activities.

The fact that President Moise has had the audacity to suggest that those who owe tax should pay tax has generated an outrage among the business community. This, coupled with the audacious suggestion that customs duties be collected has stunned those who make millions in contraband.

There is one guy who brings in 1,000 containers per month and has his own man in APN to handle the transactions that see massive losses in revenue for the State.

Between taxes and customs duties – if collected – Haiti would cover its national budget which is only $1,500,000,000. The Dominican Republic’s budget is 10 times this.

President Preval signed three sweetheart deals with SOGENOR, HAYTRAK, and E-POWER for the provision of electricity. Preval’s wife nets millions from SOGENOR. The profits from this are staggering. These profits are threatened by President Moise’s projects that will see his Dam/Baraj projects generating a lot of megawatts, along side of his  power production, from solar panel farms.

Early on, President Moise had the audacity to construct roads that were higher quality, and at a fraction of the cost when compared with the product provided Haiti by the Vorbe team, over the years.

We are really a Narco State and our drug-dealers seem to be uncomfortable with Jovenel Moise because he isn’t a member of their team.

So the solution to all of these public outrages is a simple change of government, even though Jovenel Moise’s efforts will be viewed, retrospectively from a future vantage point, as being a time in which a great deal of progress was made.

Forget what is good for the Nation and its 12,000,000 people.

A few dozen criminals are trying to generate a mindless landswell that will sweep Jovenel away.

This isn’t what Democracy is.

Democracy is an ongoing procession of good and bad governments, each of which finish their mandate. Everyone should work to make the Presidency a success. Instead, a few with a lot of money are spending millions to protect their own agendas that would see many of them in jail if they tried to function in Canada or the United States.

Lip service is publicly given to a peaceful demonstration.

Behind the scenes, some key people are working to manipulate the demonstrations into violent events. Teams of agitators will be injected with the goal of creating chaos.

PNH Director General Gedeon will have some more excuses as to why he withholds his officers from their dutires.

Some will die.

Perhaps one of the fatalities will be Democracy.


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