The Writing On The Wall

Mars 5, 2016

People ignore the obvious.

The International Community ignores the obvious.

As they say “It doesn’t require a Brain Surgeon”….. or a “Rocket Scientist” to read “The Writing on the Wall.”

“The Hero of La Scerie” – Privert – is building a permanent dictatorship – not an Interim Government with a life of 120 days.

Privert is not working honestly to create an electoral infrastructure with which to pursue a real and honest completion of the Presidential Ballot.


To do so would see a real victory for Jovenel Moise – NEG BANNAN – in a run-off between Jovenel Moise and the unpopular Jude Celestin.

Preval would like to change horses in mid-stream – going back to Jackie Lumarque. To do this Preval might have Privert create a situation in which the previous ballot is trashed, and new general elections called.

Will the International Community stand for this?

If past history is any indication, we would say yes.

The fact that Jovenel Moise – NEG BANNAN – is overwhelmingly popular with the vast majority of Haiti’s population – the peasant majority – will have no effect, unless the people demonstrate for their true wish.

Preval has the cash – stolen during two presidencies – and is willing to spend some.

His opponents expect Divine Intervention.

We are not optimistic.

God is busy elsewhere!


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