The US Government, including USAID remains steadfast in it’s support of Haiti

FROM: USAID Haiti Mission Director Carleene Dei:

The US Government, including USAID, remains steadfast in our support of Haiti and nit’s people today, tomorrow, and for the long-term. As we stated on May 27th, USAID recently received a draft report from an external organization. We tasked the organization to assess the impact of rubble removal and structural assessment efforts on the return of Haitians to neighborhoods and determine if, and how, we could improve on our efforts. Any comment on the death toll of the tragic earthquake of January 2010 that affected so many, is beyond the scope of the commission and purely reflects the views of the author. Carleene Dei, Mission Director USAID Haiti.


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1 thought on “The US Government, including USAID remains steadfast in it’s support of Haiti

  1. This is really locking the door after the horse is gone.

    The false comments on the number of deaths and numbers of homeless people have already polluted the minds of the world. Those who promised help, and are already fudging on their committments, will now say there is really no need after all.

    It was all a big mistake.

    The Haitian Director of USAID should never have allowed a flawed draft of the report to leak.

    The person, or persons responsible should be fired.

    We should also be told the writer’s name and exactly what his/her qualifications are? We should also be told the report’s actula technical approach to collection of the details.

    A door-to-door survey is claimed and anyone, familiar with Haiti, knows this is not Los Angeles or New York. Such approaches do not work here, especially when most people do not possess doors.

    USAID has always been a pool of incompetence, a place where retired American government employees can put in time for a second or third pension.

    With friends like USAID who needs enemies?

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