September 30, 2017

There have been many forms of dictatorship as a variety of people grabbed for control and power in Haiti. Some were straight forward dictators while others sought dictatorship via the Democratic process, via the ballot box, controlled by tame CEPs, or by criminal manipulation of Constitutional interpretations.

Such were the dictatorships of Aristide and Preval and Privert.

But we now have a more insidious grab for power – literally  “Power” in the form of the Nation’s Electrical Supply., supported by Aristide, Preval and Privert.

They don’t use the “Cumberland” instead they use contracts and tame EDH Directors.

One of these tame Directors, a Andress Apollon, blocked introduction of Natural Gas by a major businessman, (who had invested millions in a Natural Gas facility,) into our power generation system. Natural Gas would have cut costs but the Potentates of Power were/are not geared to use Natural Gas.

The Natural Gas equipment sits in crates somewhere in Port-au-Prince according to the Dominican Republic agent who supplied it.

This Monster Money Machine pumps out something more than $25,000,000 per month in profits, if a confidential study by the International Community is to be believed.

Better than cocaine, and it is legal!!

It was part of a long-term investigation of how the cocaine trade had infiltrated the Haitian community, laundering funds through the creation of business entities.

Service stations are a favorite, since they aren’t rocket science.

We don’t know if they decided the power business is tainted by this fraternity but the report does mention a specific guy who was nearly bankrupt, during the Aristide Presidency, when he was stopped with 53 kilos of cocaine and $156,000 in US currency. The PNH was forced to return the 53 kilos.

The arrested person’s name was blacked out in the copy we viewed, but the arresting officer was Guy Philippe.

And then Preval, and his wife  Babette, visited Jude Celestin, during the recent Presidential  Campaign, to pressure him into committing to retaining the Sogenor contract with the government. This is a bizarre 50 year agreement, with a clause for another 50 year renewal.

Celestin refused, saying the contract was criminal and he would cancel it out when he became President. This was the point at which Prevl withdrew his support from Celestin, transferring it to an insignificant candidate.

Perhaps Jude Celestin is not so bad after all. A few murders, theft of a few millions and a new unused bridge does not come near the legal but immoral theft of a Nation’s future  by the Potentates of Power whose per kilowatt hour charges are out of control.

Somehow President Moise must control this sector so that it still generates a good return for the Potentates of Power somewhat short of Highway Robbery.

We are not optimistic having viewed Senator Edwin Zenny’s bold attack on the Potentates of Power, followed by a timid, mouse-like retreat.

Obviously Money Talks and (Honest) Bull-Shit Walks.  In Haiti we waste nothing. The manure can be used in our agriculture sector.

There is always a glimmer of  hope. The American embassy might be the lever that changes things. President Trump has signaled that he does not want to see the Democratic Process contaminated in Haiti. If the players fail to understand the message Trump is likely to react with knee-jerk speed and set forces to work that cannot be reversed.

Many, who have been ignored, but never forgotten, could become the focus of an instant DEA focus that cannot be reversed.

Guy Philippe stands as a living example. The Americans said they “wanted to arrest him”   but  “really didn’t want to arrest him.”

It was a word game to save face.

Guy Philippe as a Patriot had worked with them to remove Aristide.

Privert presented the Americans with a  fait accompli  by arresting Guy.

Put up or shut up!

The rest is history.

There is a lesson here, if anyone is listening.

We are not optimistic.





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