The Government’s response to Sandy

Haiti - Social : The Government's response to Sandy

Following the passage of Sandy, the Government will spend $5 million (± 221 million gourdes) for : the immediate response on the next 48 hours ; the emergency budget for the delegations from affected departments ; the support to affected populations from Sunday (emergency vouchers, emergency basket, hot meals and displacements of camps).

The immediate response in the next 48 hours, will concern the most affected departments, by the assessment of the affected areas and the distribution of 10,000 food kits (domestic and imported), 10,000 meals, 150,000 bottles of water.

The assistance to the population for 5 departments, that will receive 100,000 of emergency vouchers (1000 Gourdes/voucher), 50,000 baskets (food and hygiene kits). For the West, rehabilitation of camps, 1,000 families relocated. For the South and the West, the mobile canteens will distribute 180,000 hot meals.

Concerning the support to delegations, the budget for the West remains to be determined, 3 million Gourdes for the South, 2.5 million Gourdes for the Southeast, 2.5 million Gourdes for Nippes, 3 million Gourdes for Grande Anse.

Assistance to the population
For the Department of the West there is a budget of $2,317,000 for 95,000 beneficiary families (20,000 baskets, 50,000 vouchers, 24,000 hot meals, 1,000 evacuees).

For the Southern Department there is a budget of $1,050,000 for 69,000 beneficiary families (15,000 baskets, 30,000 vouchers, 24,000 hot meals).

For Southeast Department there is a budget of 475.000 dollars for 20,000 beneficiary families (5,000 baskets, 15,000 vouchers).

For the department of Nippes there is a budget of $ 350,000 for 15,000 beneficiary families (5,000 baskets, 10,000 vouchers).

For the department of Grande Anse there is a budget of 475.000 dollars for 20,000 beneficiary families (5,000 baskets, 15,000 vouchers).

For a grand total of 219.000 beneficiary families, U.S. $ 5 million and 1.095 million beneficiaries.

At the level of Accommodation center of Marassa: 14.403 families were evacuated, Marassa 10: 92 families, Ghiesko Campus, 472 families.

The methodology of distribution is made ​​on the basis of the needs expressed by the DPC on the basis of analyzes of the impact in the departments, no distribution in the camps, people with disabilities will be favored (328 families in the camp in Delmas 2).

Relaunch of the local production through baskets (local products: rice, peas, corn …) in coordination with the associations and the private sector possessing stocks of local products. This approach allows to invest to boost domestic production, especially in the Artibonite. The Government requires that all kits distributed be constituted of ​​product “lakay”.

Distributions will be made ​​by the distribution network of the DPC and the delegations of the Ministries of Social Affairs and Labour. Supervision will be made by delegates and Vice Delegates and the DPC will ensure the coordination with the humanitarian community.


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