The Government is tired of subsidizing the EDH-Added COMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - Energy : The Government is tired of subsidizing the EDH

After the power outage this week, of the supplier Sogener S.A. in Varreux, for lack of fuel due to the non-payment by the Electricity of Haiti (EDH) of bills due to this enterprise ; interruption which required once again, the financial contribution of the State to remedy the situatio ; the Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe declared “[…] We discuss for a long time of the problem of electricity in the country, it is a problem that is related to the fact that the EDH has problems of production, distribution and collection. The EDH sub-contracted electricity generation, with 3 private firms, that we are obligated to pay each month, using subsidies, which amounted to approximately $ 200 million per year.

[…] The problem is that when these firms produce electricity, the EDH from the output of this energy on its network loses 65%. On 100 gourdes that these firms bill to the EDH, the latter bill 35 [to its customers] and recovers only 19 gourdes !

[…] We look with the EDH, a way for it is no longer in deficit from the beginning, because when it is in deficit at the start, the infrastructures of the EDH are deteriorating [for lack of money] and that becomes an exercise of repeated losses…

[…] In a first step, we asked the EDH to improve its recovery rate in order to be able to pay its suppliers itself, so that this is no longer the State which is obliged to intervene each month. […] There was a cut that occurred this week in one of the suppliers ( ) and we had to intervene, so that the EDH is able to pay its bills to the supplier and the power comes back. We determined that this was a temporary measure, the EDH must be able to sell the power [at the right price ?], to bill it and recover the amount of the bills, so that it can face [alone], to its debts and obligations with its suppliers.”



EDH has always had financial problems, back to the time of America’s Occupation when Haitians developed the Cumberland. In later years, major businessmen, such as the Mevs and Bidgios took power without paying for it. In one classic example, a Mevs son was killed, in a rainstorm, disconnecting the Cumberland, on his father’s orders, before inspectors arrived. Bidgio had his power cut by Aristide, after using Haitian electricity to create his steel operation for years.

Now this same group of families is selling power to Haiti, making more millions.

Last year, and before, we heard of a proposal to drill natural gas wells to generate electrical power.

This should be investigated to make Haiti power independent of the bloodsuckers.


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  1. Haiti’s big dam produces (max) 56 megawatts of power.

    Petion-Ville uses about 15 of these and Cite Solier steals about 16 megawatts. How is Lamothe going to collect from the bidonvilles??

    Not a likely event.

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