The French Minister Pascal Canfin, visiting Haiti

Haiti - Diplomacy : The French Minister Pascal Canfin, visiting Haiti

Pascal Canfin French Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in charge of Development will visit Haiti from 23 to 25 October 2012. This displacement will allow the French Minister, to review with the Haitian authorities, the bilateral cooperation Franco-Haitian post earthquake and mark the continuation the action of the French Government for the period 2013-2015, within a perspective of partnership for development.

During his visit, the Minister will meet with President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, and several members of the Haitian government.

The Minister Delegate will travel to Limonade, to mark the support of France to the new university and will also visit several sustainable development projects in the areas of housing, agriculture and access to energy, supported by French NGOs and the French Development Agency (AFD). Finally, he will inaugurate the emergency department of the Hospital of Port-au-Prince whose the reconstruction is the subject of a partnership between France and the Haitian government and U.S.

About Pascal Canfin visit to Haiti, the French ambassador to Haiti, Didier Lebret declared “[…] The objective is to resume bilateral contacts at the political level, so that after a period of strong mobilization of the French government, we have entered in a phase a little quieter, which corresponded to both your current policy and ours. Resume now the thing at a high level, it is a way of marking the interest of France to Haiti, its commitment alongside political authorities of your country, but also alongside civil society, along with all structures that today contribute to facilitate a true reconstruction in Haiti. Such a visit, it is always a political signal that we send, and the fact that this visit intervene two weeks after the meeting at the highest level in Kinshasa, it is also a way to begin to implement a certain number of commitments have been took […]

the purpose of the visit of Pascal Canfin, it is also through dialogue that he will have on the on the major political priorities and sectoral of the government, be able to put the Haitian government in position to announce its new choice, in the mobilization of French budgetary support […] at the end of his meeting with Pascal Canfin, on the mobilization of French budgetary support, nearly 30 million are available, […] the Haitian Prime Minister will announce, how he wants his government, mobilizing this French financial assistance […]”

France and the Business diplomacy :
“[…] You know that this business diplomacy, that wished at the time the Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Lamothe and now Prime Minister, also became the watchword of the French diplomacy. When I went to Paris in the month of August, in the framework of the Conference of Ambassadors, traditionally the President of the Republic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs […] give an outline of what will be the foreign policy in the months and years to come, and the watchword of Laurent Fabius, was the business diplomacy. You see, we keyed on your own language, because the business diplomacy, because for a country to have a foreign policy that can be heard, understood, and effective, it is already necessary than at home things went well, if at home wa are a little fragile, the exterior see it too […] so there was a clear demand to mobilize all the French diplomacy, the ambassadors but also all the staff who contribute to our foreign policy in France, so that we can ensure that our enterprises can also have their place, and find opportunities […]

It is a policy that is useful for everyone, when you have large groups, whether French, European, American, Canadian or whatever nationality, who settle in a country, it is always a good sign, this means that there is trust, there is no fear, it means that we have faith in the Government’s action, that we made ​​a bet on the future…”

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