1102 PM June 9 2015.

Not unexpectedly, since this is Haiti, and we are involved in Haitian politics, we hear that Thierry Mayard-Paul has coordinated the support of several major businessmen in a move to throw a few bags of money at members of the commission arbitrating the claims of ex-Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe supporting his right to have approval for his candidacy in the planned elections.

The fact that Laurent Lamothe is, by far, the most popular candidate – who will probably win the ballot on first count, without the requirement of a run-off, doesn’t seem to enter the balance. The fact that he did much, for the Nation, during his time as Prime Minister, does not matter to people like Mayard-Paul..

Even though people like Thierry Mayard-Paul have received their approvals for a position on the electoral ticket, Lamothe has been rejected.

Among other things, Thierry Mayard-Paul was caught trying to bring containers of goods into Haiti, without paying customs, and was blocked by Prime Minister Lamothe when he attempted to take a $5,000,000 kick-back, from one deal.
Because of these small things, plus others, he hates Lamothe and fears him. Mayard-Paul has told many he will have to leave the country, if Lamothe becomes President, or go to jail.

Several major businessmen have also been named. They are associates of Martelly. Like many other major businessmen, they fear a Lamothe Presidency since they will be expected to pay taxes on income and also duty of freight coming into the country.

President Martelly has recently fired the Director of Customs when the man would not fire certain employees, replacing them with others who would let contraband through certain ports. As a result, Haiti has lost over $20,000,000 in May’s custom receipts because of this contraband crime.

Democracy has many negative sides, so far as many businessmen are concerned. They will no longer be able to steal from the banks, charge exorbitant prices for their goods, and avoid any financial responsibility to the Haitian Nation.

At the moment, one businessman is bringing close to 1000 containers per month, into Haiti, avoiding payments to the government.

The Nation must have tax revenue, in order to survive.

We cannot expect the International Community to support us, while a few make fortunes and have American visas.

President Martelly has also made it very clear that he is upset with ex-Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe for arresting his good friend La Familia, a drug smuggler and kidnapper,  and threatening his friends, in the cocaine business.


Speaking of visas – if the people reviewing Lamothe’ paperwork decide to vote against him, when they have voted for other people, with similar paperwork – the Americans should take a close look at their visas.

Anyone betraying the trust of their country should have to live here and face the consequences.

The election should be open to all.

Let the electorate decide who they want for President, not a few businessmen who are willing to give a few greedy commission members a million, or so.

That may be Haiti but is certainly isn’t the basis for a free-and-fair-election.

While these rich bastards get richer there are Haitians starving to death in Haiti’s Northwest – AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!


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  1. This is some game between Martelly and Lamothe.
    Good cop bad cop.
    They are now meeting personal outside Haiti for 2 days.

  2. Meeting Gonaives last evening for VERITE in Nehemy Joseph residence with numbers attending inclusive Charles Sufra owning plantation Limonade near Preval.

    Discusssion Lamothe as their nightmare.

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