Swim for Haiti February 7-8

I am pleased to invite you to the second year of the Swim for Haiti open-water swim event to be held on February 7-8, 2015 on the Côte des Arcadins in Haiti.
This is the second year of the event and our goals are modest: to encourage more people to come to Haiti as tourists and to host a fun swim supporting worthy causes. In our inaugural swim in May 2014, we had a great showing from volunteers and swimmers and raised funds for a program to teach over 6,000 Haitian children the fundamentals of swimming.
In 2015, we are repeating last year’s 6.6 km (4.1 mile) swim from the first Arcadin island to the coast of Haiti on Saturday morning, February 7.  We are also having a shorter 1.3 km (0.8 mile) swim along the coast from Ouanga Bay to Wahoo Bay on Sunday 10am so that more people can participate.
More information about the swim can be found on the website at www.swimforhaiti.org including information on the swim route, safety, causes, accommodation, etc. See links below for more specific information.
I hope you can join us for this informal and fun event.  Please pass on the invitation to those you think will enjoy the swim and the thrill and beauty of Haiti Cherie.  Our collective goal is to promote a Haiti that is worth visiting and bring in more tourism so that Haiti can develop the capacity to rebuild itself.
Regardless of whether you can participate, it would be great if you could support one of the causes:  to support the Haitian children swim program or a coral restoration program. To donate to one of these causes, go to http://swimforhaiti.org/donate.html You can find out more about the causes and last year’s financials at http://swimforhaiti.org/causes.html
Happy 2015!
General information:  www.swimforhaiti.org
Swim info and Safety:  http://swimforhaiti.org/swim.html

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