February 1, 2022
This morning, many PNH officers can be seen, on our streets, without guns!
On December 17, 2021 the PNH Academy graduated a class of 700 new officers.
There were no weapons for them!
Not even slingshots!
Over the proceeding months a senior UNPOL officer had blocked the acquisition of weapons. He was probably motivated by UN Headquarters, in New York, as the United Nations maneuvers towards the creation of a new money making force in Haiti.
It might be acceptable for police to be unarmed in thr United Kingdom, where there is a societal respect for their police force. However, in Haiti, where thr gangs become more aggressive, with each passing day, an unarmed PNH is suicidal for all society.
Our PNH really needs our support – NOW!!!
In December  of 2021, in a last minute effort to meet the demand for 700 weapons for the graduating class, 700 GLOCKS were held in readiness for shipment, but the transfer from Finance never occurred. 
These 700 handguns were finally directed to other purchasers after January 24, 2022..
The gangs have no problem in acquiring expensive weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition.
Unless some immediate steps are taken, our slide into the abyss will become irreversible.
If it is not already too late. 


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