Should where you live determine whether you live or die from a preventable disease?-We DON’T Think So

Should where you live determine whether you live or die from a preventable disease? We don’t think so, which is why we work with 41 partners in the Americas and Caribbean to save lives every day!
Elba Luz Villalobos Navarro is an older woman from El Salvador with long, gray hair and a kind smile. Two years ago, a doctor in a public health clinic told Elba she displayed cervical cancer symptoms. Not understanding the severity of this diagnosis, she relied on home remedies until the pain throughout her stomach and pelvis became severe.
Elba credits our partner in El Salvador, ADS, with saving her life. “I thank God for everything they did for me,” she said. “Without their help, I would have died.”
Cervical cancer results in the senseless deaths of nearly 300,000 women each year. What’s worse is that it is an entirely preventable and curable disease.
We work to ensure that all women have access to basic—and lifesaving—health services, including cost-effective cervical cancer screenings and treatment.
Your support makes a difference. In fact, it makes all the difference for women like Elba.
On behalf of the millions we serve, thank you ensuring that millions of people can access health services they want, need, and deserve.
Thank you,

Carmen Barroso
Regional Director
International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region
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