August 11, 2011

Sean Penn’s dynamic efforts to help earthquake victims, after the disaster January 12, 2010 killed over 300,000, injured hundreds of thousands more and left millions homeless…won international praise.

Penn’s tent camp, on the Petion-Ville golf course was a model for all to see and admire. He created a showcase community with well laid out streets, drainage, lights, water and toilet facilities.  The tent city had schools and medical centers. In fact, it was much better than the areas his residents lived before the quake.

Containers of food and other material was distributed to the point that normal commercial activity, throughout the area, was effectively destroyed.

Before the quake, many lived ten to a room, with no water, light, or sanitary facilities.  In Penn’s community they have all this, and more. Many of the tent people were living on space they did not own, or control. Now, the landlords do not want them back, leaving these Haitians with no place to go.

Now people are expected to leave the security of Penn’s camp and return home. They are no longer welcome on the borrowed land.

The Penn situation, and other like it in the center of Port-au-Prince, will be powder kegs, waiting to explode whenever authorities take steps to relocate the population to their original areas.

The problem  is already perilous, but is made more so by the political pressures brought to bear by the Aristide/Preval group…trying to embarrass President Martelly.

One strategy to force people out sees the schools and medical facilities closing down. Also considered is the removal of electrical power and sanitation. None of this will create an atmosphere of love and affection.

17 months ago, Sean Penn seemed to be the great problem solver.

Now, Sean Penn is seen as someone who has created a major problem without any real, simple solution.

There is trouble ahead.


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  1. It is strange how goodness of one day can become a disaster of the next.

    Mr. Penn did all he could to help but sometimes less is better than more. My people have become too comfortable and will fight before they return to our reality.

    Mr. Penn was going to stay with his camp but he has abandoned this now for a comfortable mansion. I am not certain if he visits his creation anymore.

    When life support is removed it will be an interesting show.

  2. They will move these peoples to somewhere witht jobs or anything. Who will feed them. No schools, no hope.

  3. well i think you guys need to stop spread rumors on people, stop telling lies on people, may be you are anvy of his title, sean was one of the first to bring relief to those people, hundreds of women delivered their babies for no money, where were you guys , what have guys done for haiti after the quake, sean is a positive person, saved people from breast cancer and get them to come to america and free them of breast cancer. please for the benefit of the haitian people dont spread those rumors otherwise other people who want to help will not come and help my haitian brothers and sisters. so please please im begging you please stop . thank you very much faine lartigue

    1. Are you some sort of an idiot faine lartigue?

      The answer to that is – obviously – yes.

      The article you are replying to is just a statement of reality. Sean Penn did as I probably would have done – if the opportunity presented itself. The problem is, he just did too much and now the people will have to be broken away from their comfortable conditions. As it is, they have absolutely no incentive for a return to the Delmas 33 area, where they came from.

      The local managers of Sean Penn’s charity are dealing with this reality, even as I write this.

      I can see that you are some sort of an activist in Miami, interested in HIV/AIDS preventions, which is really cool. You obviously missed the January 12, 2010 earthquake, which is a pity. You ask “What have I done for Haiti?”

      I was here and suffered a broken arm.

      I helped dig people out of the debris. Although I am not a doctor, I set broken bones and sewed people up. I supplied medication to many, until we ran out.

      When supplies finally started to come in, I provided a truck and drove it myself to distribute loads of food and medicines to those who needed it.

      I was there to bury people in the massive common grave on the St. Marc road.

      I worked with a local hospital, working with injured patients and acting as a go-between with the Miami Hospital at the airport.

      And I was standing here – in Haiti – to greet Sean Penn when he decided to help.

      I was here before him and I will be here after him

      Haiti should be eternally grateful to Sean Penn…but there were others that helped Haiti.

      He has already left his tent city for a mansion in Petionville.

      Get a life and try to not be such an ignorant twit.

      Michael Collins

  4. Duval Simile is correct. There has been no plannings for the futures of anyone. Everyone has just sat there waiting for someone to act.

    After 18 months it will be most difficult to do somethings without have the people explode. Preval has left a mess for Martelly, well planned.

  5. Well said Mister Collins.
    People overlook what many other have done.


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