Sansaricq Campaign Releases Alcee Hastings Record of Corruption


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Sansaricq Campaign Releases Alcee Hastings’ Record of Corruption, Part One

TAMARAC, FL, USA – Today the Sansaricq released the record of Alcee Hastings.

“Hastings has said that he will run on his record. We want everyone to understand that record.” said Annette James, the campaign manager. “When we educate the voter the logical conclusion is that Bernard Sansaricq is the best choice for District 23.”

Alcee Hastings is an impeached federal judge

Alcee Hastings is currently under investigation from the House Ethics Committee – August 2010

Alcee Hastings has voted with the Constitution a mere 10% of the time, as rated by the Freedom Index.               

“Voters and government officials from all over this district come to tell me that they have never seen Alcee Hastings, even upon request. He has told city officials from his district that if they want representation in Washington, they will have to pay for it. Both of these are absurd and unacceptable.” commented candidate Bernard Sansaricq.

About Bernard Sansaricq
Bernard Sansaricq is Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress District 23 seat and former president of the Haitian Senate.
Bernard Sansaricq is a competent action leader who is superbly qualified, intelligent and has an impeccable record.  He is currently finishing his second book on international affairs.
Bernard Sansaricq is married to Alejandra Jimenez de Sansaricq and is the father of 4 grown children. Sandra, Pascale, Monique, and Nicole. Bernard and his family have lived in South Florida for 25 years, where he works in the residential real estate profession. He is fluent in French, English, Creole and Spanish.
More information about Sansaricq and his campaign can be found on his website,  This site includes biographical information about Bernard and his position on many of the important issues affecting the 23rd District.
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2 thoughts on “Sansaricq Campaign Releases Alcee Hastings Record of Corruption

  1. Haitians must be proud of Bernard Sansaricq, whether he wins or not. He is showing that we can accomplish anything if we set our minds to it.

    Perhaps some of this will rub off on our Haitian compatriots in Port-au-Prince.

    Bernard is one of the good guys.

    I hope he defeats Hastings…one of the bad guys.

  2. Rangel? Straight to jail; remove from congress, remove his federal pension and either pay the taxes plus interest or let the Feds seize the property and sell it off. If the clown is one of whom write the tax laws, then there is no excuse

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