Royal Oasis / The 5-Star Royal Oasis Hotel ,115 AVE Panaméricaine,Pétion Ville,Haiti

Royal Oasis
The 5-Star Royal Oasis Hotel ,115 Avenue Panaméricaine, Pétion-Ville
The 5-Star Royal Oasis Hotel is sprawled over a 3 acre property, beautifully landscaped, the luxurious hotel is located in the heart
of Pétion-ville. Formerly an upscale residential suburb, Pétion-ville has now gradually evolved to become Haiti’s most important business and commercial hub. Located in one of the safest neighborhoods, and only a 30 minute drive from Port-au-Prince International Airport. Opening today of the Hotel Oasis,Wednesday, December 12,2012, the Hotel Oasis of the hotel chain Occidental,proceeds to its official opening. Located at 115 Rue Pan American in Pétion-Ville, this 5-star hotel has 128 rooms, 5 restaurants and bars, panoramic swimming pool, fitness center, spa, shopping center with shops and conference rooms.
L’Hotel Royal Oasis ,5 étoiles ,sis à la rue Panaméricaine,Pétion-Ville est étendu sur une propriété de 3 hectares,joliment aménagé.Cet hotel de luxe a retenu l’attention de tous les étrangers vivant en Haiti ,le représentants diplomatiques etc…l’Hotel Oasis de 5 étoiles fut est inauguré aujourd’hui Mercredi 12 Decembre 2012.Cet Hotel 5 étoiles dispose de 128 chambres ,5 restaurants et baars,une piscine,un centre de fitness,un centre commercial avec des boutiques et des salles de conference etc…. Le president de la République Michel Joseph Martelly et le premier ministre Laurent Salvador Lamothe et les autres ministers étaient presents à l’ouverture de cet splendide Hotel situé au Coeur de Pétion Ville.
FÉLICITATIONS MESSIEURS LES ACTIONNAIRES ! BRAVO POUR VOTRE PATIENCE CAR “ Dans tout projet de grande envergure,le chemin est souvent long et étroit et parfois meme épineux,mais avec patience et perseverance,la victoire est certaine”


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3 thoughts on “Royal Oasis / The 5-Star Royal Oasis Hotel ,115 AVE Panaméricaine,Pétion Ville,Haiti

  1. Nice place but it really fronts on a low class, messy area with service station, tire repair, garbage. The words about Petion-Ville do not describe the reality of Oasis setting.

  2. @ Katia Bouchard – Almost EVERYWHERE in Port au Prince and the surrounding areas front on “low class, messy area with service station, tire repair, garbage”. Change will come slowly.

    That being said, Royal Oasis is a big accomplishment with the majority of its funding coming from Haitian sources. Much was reported about the $2 million infusion by Clinton-Bush, but let’s not forget that the total cost of the project was north of USD$35M.

    Congratulations to Jerry Tardieu, the PDG of Royal Oasis for having the tenacity (and some may say temerity) to bring this to fruition.

  3. I love this place, the reception staff and, for my honey moon(December 28) i’ll be there with my wife.
    I would like to work in.
    Cooking Haitian, American, Irish
    Thank you

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