5 thoughts on “ROUZIER HAS A FRENCH PASSPORT June 17, 2011

  1. Well he isn’t American

    But the French document disqualifies him

  2. Any Haitien born is allowed to have 1,2,3,4 or more passports,if he plan to travel to different country,for a businessman specially like rouzier whom travelled to o lot of countries,this is normal,there is nothing wrong with that . commom brothers and sisters light up a little bet,give Haiti a chance to move on,we definately need a prime minister like Rouier ,he is the right mam and the best choice President Martelly had ever made

  3. Hey, please,do not misplace rules and laws.

    There is a big difference between visa and passport.You can have many types af visas into your passport, but never many passports at the same time, unless a diplomatic passport that you can use for a specific reason. Eventhough, you have to give it back to the foreign office of your country after each travel or mission.

    How you can accept that the second figure in the line of command in a country doesn’t pay taxes? How he will ask the entire nation to pay taxes, which are the only way to collect funds to develop the country?

    So, now, it is clear that in Haiti, someone who is succesful in business doesn’t mean that he is a good person.Once you don’t pay taxes, you are a real criminal.If what they said is true, the parliamant must question Finance ministry, commerce ministry,DGI,APN,and any people involve in the chain of corruption that allows the bourgeoisie repugnante is this country about the system in place to block the development of Haiti.

    A quelque chose, malheur est bon. At least we have a good idea about the rich people of Haiti. WE knew that already. But, now, we have a documented case to cease in order to correct the situation of corruption in Haiti.

    I wsih this not the case. But, if so, believe me, after deliberation this coming week, we are going to meeting up here to design a plan to deal with the corruption organized crime system in Haiti.

    There are enough money in Haiti to develop this country. We just need to put order in place to fight the system.We can not stand by waiting for foreign money to come to develop Haiti, when we know that, Haiti where you have more millionnaires by kilometers than any other country in the world.The difference, these guys never consider themselves as citizens of Haiti. The work against Haiti all the time. We need to stop this tend.

    Martelly open your eyes because the fight will be very hard at any level.

    Good luck.

  4. Rey
    You cannot have a passport unless you are a citizen of that country..

  5. I am beginning to think the President Martelly is an Idiot with no ideas of how to move forward, given that he is recycling all thieves of the previous administrations. He is running around reacting to events like an entertainer instead of pursuing structural change within the state that would allow for a more manageable governance system

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