February 22, 2011

Here is the state of play.

Everyone insists that the election (s)  must reflect the will of the people.

Well, had they been run properly, in the first place, Ceant would be president. Unfortunately, Preval was frightened of a Ceant presidency because Ceant was seen as someone who might put Preval in jail

So Preval decided to buy Manigat and have her win in the run-off.

He eliminated Ceant in the first round.

There were some bumps en route, but we are now looking at a run-off between Manigat and Martelly.

If this run-off was a free-and-fair  election…Martelly would win.

Manigat is Preval’s candidate, and is also the candidate of the MINUSTAH people, OAS and State Department.

Both candidates’ entourages are heavy on cocaine dealers, promising a Narco State no matter who wins.

Martelly is a guy who appeals to the Mob. He appeals to Aristide’s Lavalas people but herein lies a problem. Since Lavalas has been barred from the past elections, most Lavalas people have not bothered to get voter registration cards. In other words, they cannot vote. Because of this, there is a possibility that Manigat might get a majority.

Martelly is prepared for this eventuality.

At  0900 on election day, he will put the Mob on the street and declare himself president. This is what Aristide did, although people have forgotten this.

Who will stand against this?

Preval has stood back and refuses to facilitate the March 20 vote.

MINUSTAH, the OAS and Americans are trying to put it together. The logistics may be too great in the short time.

However, I have just spoken to another source and he advises us to stay off the street election day because Preval is planning big problems. He will initiate something, knowing of Martelly’s plans….and Martelly will be blamed for everything. Many could die.

Then the elections will be cancelled and Preval will have paid us back for his humiliations.



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  1. Definitely agree with you there. I heard that Preval is trying best he could to ruin the election because he sees that Michel Martelli winning is imminent.

    There is dissension among Inite because some wants to jump in the Martelli boat because loyalty is not bigin Haiti politic as you see Preval has a bunch of Lavalas in his government so long as they have an opportunity to steal they will shut their mouth.

    but others hate Martelli with a passion you would not believe. these martelli haters have claim that they will create chaos and will not let Martelli govern. I ask one, why did he hate martelli so much, his answer was he’s not one of us when he get elected, he will come with his own crew and how am i suppose to make money? can you believe this nonsense, that this govt officials see the country as their personal/family business

    but I think Preval plan will backfire because the International Overlords(USA,OAS, canada france) are fickle, they are not loyal to Preval, they are loyal to their interests. they will work with whoever won’t disturb their interests. So far listening to Martelli speech and reading his plans and program, I don’t see it conflicting with the international overlords’ interest. martelli is a staunch liberalist, he’s does not have sociolist agenda, he speak of equal access to health, education, agriculture, tourism and security, none of these issues are threatening to the overloards.

    Matter of fact they may give Martelli a second look. Martelli plan seem to be to turn haiti into a nice little caribbean paradise where the overlords can safely invest and vacationed. Afterall, it’s not in the overlords interest for Haiti to be politically unstable and miserably poor. by now the overlords too are tired of illegal haitians flocking their boarder looking for a better life

    I think Martelli will definitely pull the Aristide’s trick and the people will declare him president in the street. but unlike Aristide, martelli is a pill the elite haitians and the international overlords can swallow and they will jump off preval/manigat sinking ship into Martelli victorious boat. hopefully!

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