Preval holds Haiti Hostage: Preval hints at staying on as Haiti president-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

`Préval has already served a maximum two terms in office.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Friday December 24, 2010 – It appears President René Préval may seek to stay on in his position until the controversy surrounding the disputed election results is cleared up.

With just a month and a half to go before his mandate comes to an end on February 7th, Préval has told reporters that it would not be wise to replace him with a provisional government if there is no solution by then. His comment hints that he may seek an emergency three-month extension which was suggested by his administration earlier this year in the event that the election process in the earthquake-ravaged country was delayed.

“It would not be good for the country’s stability and reconstruction to enter a transitional government,” he said.

“My goal as president has been that when I leave, I am replaced by an elected president and an elected parliament is in place.”

Préval has already served a maximum two terms in office.

Preliminary results from the first round of the November 28th presidential elections to choose his successor put former first lady Mirlande Manigat in the lead with 31 percent of the vote, followed by Jude Celestin, of the ruling party, with 22 percent.

But there have been allegations of fraud and President Préval has been accused of rigging the results, especially since popular musician Michel ‘Sweet Micky’ Martelly – who was said to be a frontrunner – came third, according to the preliminary results.

Protests and riots that left five people dead and now a probe by the Organisation of American States (OAS) have delayed the release of the final results of the first round.

They were supposed to have been released on Monday and followed by a runoff vote between the two top candidates in January. But officials say the poll results could be delayed for weeks.



Where has everybody been, for the past year or so??!!

Preval tried to get approval to say until May 14, 2011 claiming this right because his inauguration had been delayed by electoral fraud – similar to the 2010 mess, in 2005. He was blocked in this but then slipped a sneaky little law through the Preval controlled parliament, that allowed this, if a duly elected replacement was not in place by February 7, 2011

Well now, Preval did his best to steal the election:

Plan A: Saw him “Win by Losing” in that he purchased Mirlande Manugat with a bag of cash, a 20 year pension for her husband, an armoured SUV, some home improvements, a security team, from the palace guard, and the promise to support her planned run-off, against Charlito Baker, with all of the resources possessed by Preval’s UNITE party.

By fixing it so Baker and Manigat were the two in the run-off…he effectively eliminated the true leader, Jean-Henry Ceant in the first round, along with his supposed candidate Jude Celestin. In this way Preval got rid of a real winner – Ceant, and made the election look kosher by having his chosen man – Jude Celestin, finish near the bottom.

Then Preval would chose the Prime Minister, the cabinet, and control Parliament.

A neat plan but he began to have second thoughts  and pressed Celestin’s candidacy with millions stolen from Haiti’s treasury. The Celestin campaign was obscene in the amounts spent, while Haitians starved, remained homeless, and suffered a MINUSTAH created cholera epidemic.

Preval intimate , Reginald Boulos, President of Haiti’s Chamber of Commerce, created 4 fraudulent polls, the BRIDE polls, which were circulated worldwide, and are still believed as fact ( showing Manigat, Martelly and Celestin as 1,2, and 3) when facts, true fact show the list as Ceant, Baker, Martelly and Manigat, Celestin near the bottom with fewer than 10 percent each. The BRIDE polls showed Manigat and Celestin on top, with Martelly third.

When The Group of 12 met to protest the vote, Preval was packed and ready to fly into the Dominican Republic. As a last minute thrust, he called Martelly and Manigat, telling them they led the polls and vote count. This pair then betrayed their associates and pursued their own selfish goals…ignoring the needs of their people.

Martelly  and Celestin put murderous mobs of teenagers – too young to vote – on the streets – burning and killing.  Preval’s stealth candidate- Mirlande Manigat, remained silent.

We are now in the middle of what resulted from the Preval crime, supported by allies in the OAS, UN, CARICOM and elsewhere.

Once again, all parts of the game – minus Martelly, Manigat and Celestin met to propose action.

They would like to arrest all of those involved in the crime – Preval, the CEP, cabinet members and, perhaps, members of those organizations involved with the electoral fraud. Colin Granderson and Edmund Mulet should be their first focus.

But now, Preval has pulled the pin on his final grenade. He plans to stay until May 14 and – hold onto your hats – may propose Manigat to replace him. He says the Supreme Court is not in sync with the Constitution and Police Chief Mario Andresol was never confirmed by the Senate.

Nothing is too outlandish for Haiti.

Prepare yourselves for the next act of this soap opera as thousands of Haitians die from cholera and Preval does not give a Tinker’s Damn.


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