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December 25, 2010

I spent an interesting  Christmas  afternoon with a group of senior Preval people. They discount Martelly’s threat with comments about a coming attack by Preval in which he will reveal Martelly’s involvement with  the cocaine business and his activities as an open pederast. They mentioned a house on Delmas 42 where some wild things go on and promise interesting video.

With regard to Mirlande Manigat, they all laughed and joked about the predicted battle between two rice kings, Youri Latortue and Anthony St. Pierre, both involved with Manigat’s campaign. Preval’s people were not in the least worried about Manigat since they claim to have a dossier on her that will sink her reputation forever. They also commented on her poor health and the fact that there wasn’t a single Manigat poster in most bidonville areas.

They saw no problem with Jude Celestin’s position in the game.

They were more clear on the Preval situation believing that, if he plays his cards right, he could be in the presidency for 15 years!  Perhaps that was Barbancourt talking, but Preval played a similar  game in January, 1999 when he started to rule by Decree. Parliament had expired and he did not hold elections. This lasted for 18 months before the International Community forced his had.

As it stands, he has already passed a law that allows him to extend his presidency until May 14, 2011. He plans to be there well beyond this date.


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