President Moïse closes a symposium on territorial governance

On Friday, President Jovenel Moïse closed a three-day symposium on territorial governance, organized for departmental delegates, vice-delegates and secretaries-general and funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

This symposium on territorial governance, led by many civil society professionals, including Luc Eucher Joseph, Rosny Desroches, and Miradin Morlan, was an opportunity to raise awareness among participants, among other things, of the efforts of the Moïse-Céant Administration to modernize the State, the national deconcentration policy and the control of deconcentrated bodies.

Moïse encouraged these local government officials to face the important work of representation of the executive that they perform in the different regions of the country, despite the difficult conditions. Moïse appealed to the various ministries and the Delegations for a better collaboration while inviting the Ministry of Interior and Territorial Communities (MICT) to make additional efforts to provide these entities with adequate logistical means to facilitate their mission.

“The recommendations made at this symposium should be implemented according to a timetable set up by the MICT,” insisted the Head of State, who wants these officers of the Territorial Communities to be more effective in their role of “transmission belt” between the central power and the people. He invited delegates and vice-delegates to engage with all citizens at the community level to strengthen the process initiated by the central government to foster unity and peace across the different communities.

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