3 thoughts on “Preval Tries to Have Aristide Return Before MARCH 20th Election

  1. Ca c’est du VM: Voye Monte, purement et simplement. Cette personne n’avait rien d’autre a dire

  2. Please define what gaining ground means. Just over 4 percent of the total electorate actually voted for the trousers-trouncer. Is 60 percent of the electorate going to vote for Martelly or 70 per cent of the 25 per cent of those who actually turn out going to vote for him, supposing of course, the ballot is not rigged again. It is a big difference. This is like an election during the apartheid era in South Africa when a minority group decided for the rest of the country. Of course, in Haiti the dividing line is not of colour but of ideology. Even though men like Strydom, Verwoerd, and Botha won large majorities in the South African Parliament, they were fooling no one that they were representative of the South African people as a whole. Eventually, the minoity had to make a deal with the majority despite having atomic capabilities and the most powerful army in Africa. Can the same be said for the Haitian oligarchy with a possible reconstituted Haitian Army? They are infinitely less powerful and less numerous than the South African Whites in South Africa ever were. If the South African Whites had to make a deal, the Haitian oligarchy will certainly have to with Lavalas or with whatever the party that the majority wretched poor believes in. Majority rule is inevitable, even in Haiti, even if the US and France don’t take kindly to the revolutionary idea.

  3. People close to the Preval admistration say Preval is desperately trying to ruin the March 20 elections by any means necessary. I was told to stay out Haiti because soon he will unleash his Indigent Army(his paid gang members and thugs)on the Haitian people to keep them of the street. He will create havoc and unrest so people stay home on election. Preval is like a mad dog pressed into a corner, he is beyond desperate, But God will protect Haiti, He knows we’ve suffered enough! Haitians take heart, we will prevail! On March 20, we will throw Preval and his goons out of power!

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