3 thoughts on “Picture of Arnel Belizaire in front of Minustah soldier with heavy weapon in his hands

  1. This picture shows what is symptomatic in Haiti.


    The machine gun is an illegal weapon and Belizaire is an escaped criminal, who should be in jail, for the rest of his sentence. Somehow, he managed to get his papers filed, with the CEP, and won the election (was placed in office by Preval) and now enjoys IMPUNITY – IMMUNITY.

    When Parliament expires, in January, me must be arrested and jailed.

    Unfortunately, Martelly may give PROLONGATION – and protect Belizaire, plus numerous other killers and drug dealers, now enjoying Parliamentary IMMUNITY!!!

    We need a strong antibiotic to cleanse our system of this deisease.

  2. Le Canada critique le comportement d’Arnel Bélizaire

    Le Nouvelliste | Publié le : 26 décembre 2014

    L’ambassadrice du Canada, Paula Caldwell St-Onge, a écrit au président de
    la Chambre des députés, Jacques Stevenson Thimoléon, pour dénoncer le
    comportement de plusieurs parlementaires, dont le député Arnel Bélizaire,
    circulant dans les manifestations de rue avec des armes d’assaut. Le
    diplomate parle d’actions provocatrices et d’image qui trouble la
    communauté internationale.

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