June 8, 2016

Michel Martelly’s Presidency was a time of peace, progress and optimism, after the dismal realities of our Aristide – Preval eras, during which hundreds of people were murdered in political crimes, hundreds kidnapped, insecurity reigned supreme.

The safety seems to be a thing of the past as we move on towards another storm cloud.

We are entering a dark tunnel as the Nation slides towards another disaster, perhaps the ultimate one of our generation.

The elements of this Train Wreck have been  present, for several years.

However,  like an atomic bomb, they required the exact situation in which an explosive reaction could survive.

We have arrived at this critical point, where Critical Mass has been attained.

How did we arrive at this fatal intersection in Time?

In 2004, when Aristide departed for somewhere he flew along at  30,000 feet over the Atlantic, headed towards Africa.

No one wanted him.

As the aircraft flew on, frantic efforts were underway to find a hot country. At great expense, the Central African Republic agreed to allow Aristide’s presence. After a short stay, the Central African Republic evicted Aristide and he moved to South Africa, with Americans footing all his bills, even though he has amassed a personal fortune of some $1,500,000,000- yes, that is one point five billions USD.

The initial factor was Aristide’s eviction from South Africa.

With the fall of President Mbeki and the rise of President Zuma Aristide lost his basic umbrella of support. Zuma hates Aristide and told the American government that Aristide was no longer welcome.

Few realize that Aristide’s entire South African stay was financed by the American Treasury Department. Aristide’s security element was drawn from the UK’s Special Air Service and these guys censored all people who wished to see Aristide. He was effectively a prisoner of his security force. America  paid for everything, and also provided funds to the South African government for various projects.

When Zuma removed the welcome mat the American government looked for another host.

No one wanted Aristide!

And so, Aristide was flown back to Haiti with his fervent promise to remain clear of politics and focus upon education. Of course, Aristide’s promise has never been worth anything, and the Americans know this. His lies are legendary in Washington.

Aristide was finished, when he arrived in Haiti. No one greeted him, at the airport, and Preval hired a mob to greet him at Tabarre. The mob broke into Aristide’s residence and stole everything, including his guest’s luggage. The Aristide children were so traumatized they went to the Dominican Republic, to recover.

That was then.

The situation gradually evolved to the point where Aristide no longer functions through surrogates.

Aristide has become an obvious, open and active element in his drive to place Lavalas in power again.

Once he does this, he will eliminate all opposition since he does not plan to face the same resistance as has existed in the past

Aristide’s surrogate, Privert, has already destroyed the Electoral Process. We should be installing a new President. Instead, we are facing an acceleration period of violence as Aristide’s Chimere move to create chaos.

Danton Leger creates fear with his Interdiction Notices. When Reynald Georges arrived at the Parquet yesterday, to represent Wilson Laleau, he was set upon by  more than 50 violent machete wielding Lavalas Chimere. He escaped with his life, taking with him a very frightened ex-Justice Minister Casimir. Casimir abandoned his car.

A few days ago, when the PHTK spokesman appeared on radio, to comment on the situation, he was followed, after the broadcast. Luckily, as the gunmen moved, some PNH officers intervened.

Another Parliamentarian’s house was machine-gunned.

Cars have been burned, property destroyed, merchandise stolen, lives threatened by Lavalas terrorists as they revive their time-proven approach to power.


The October election was satisfactory, according to the real foreign observers.

But, a few people have created doubt. These doubts have provided the basis for François Benoit’s betrayal of his heritage – no surprise for those who know him. Like Moise Jean-Charles, the murderer and thief appojnted to the Senate by Preval, who gained something like 14,000 votes in a district with 12,000 registered voters, Benoit discovered over 500,000 Zombie ballots in an election that had something like 1,533,000 vote!!


But, delay is what Lavalas require, to control and destroy the system. Time is on their side as they terrorize the opposition.

We could see Jovenel Moise withdraw from the electoral process as his wife fears for her safety, and that of her 2 children. This would effectively give the October 2016 election to Aristide since there will be no real opposition.

We have Democracy of the Streets!!

Aristide is the master of this terror tactic.

And, when he succeeds, he will emasculate all potential opposition, while the International Community stands by. After all, the International Community has urged the Good Guys to take preventative action, but they have remained frozen, immobile.

When the Good Guys finally take action it cannot be the gentle propaganda, presenting the Truth. It must be violence matching, or exceeding that offered by Aristide/Lavalas.

When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

We will be on a level with Lavalas and they are much better organized, and willing to spend money while Martelly supporters, who have made fortunes, claim poverty. Some of these people will die, for their stupidity/greed, while others will be forced into exile, permanent exile because the Aristide cloud will remain over Haiti until we are all dead and buried, simple memories in some history book.

No one would resent the fact certain Martelly people made fortunes. The Martelly government was a progressive one, making positive changes to Haiti in a peaceful environment. Martelly was the true bridge between the Lavalas – Aristide- Preval chaos to a better, stable future.

Now, all of this will be washed away – “Like tears in the rain.”

Zokiki speaks of Privert’s 60 Deputies in the Chamber, who will support prolongation of Privert’s term, beyond June 14. Privert is openly stating he will remain for TWO YEARS.

We will see the period of delay focus upon Martelly, Lamothe, and people like Gregory Mayard Paul, Nesmy Manigat, Anne Valerie Milfort and a band of others. People like Mayard-Paul, Manigat and Milfort have little public sympathy and make ideal targets.

Reality, and Truth will have no place in this combat.

Truth will be created and people convicted, in the legal courts and  MORE IMPORTANTLY courts of public opinion. Aristide propaganda will find strong roots within the foreign media bias.

Do not be surprised if arrest warrants are issued for Michel Martelly, Laurent Lamothe and their associates. Facts, Truth, or legality have no place in this game.

All of the good will be forgotten!

Aristide  plans to exterminate them like cockroaches infesting a dilapidated house. Martelly made the mistake of being a “nice guy” when he took power. Aristide survived, as did Preval and their teams.

Some suggest “They never arrest a president” but this is not in Aristide’s dictionary or political  rule book. He has often said, “I will tolerate Independents, but no Opposition.”

This time, Aristide might not even be tolerant of Independents.

No more Mister Nice Guy!

Many will die.

He will know no limits this final time on stage.  He knows the price of failure, this last time around. He is willing to risk everything, while PHTK doesn’t seem coordinated, or willing to do anything.

Try to contact PHTK to offer help.

No one answers.

They are already huddling around Jovenel in order to protect their position at the trough.  Outsiders are kept away. Some insiders are converted to outsiders, and blocked access.

With the election limited to those Presidential candidates already recognized, the solution is a simple one.

Remove Jovenel, one way or another, and the game is over.


The Americans should unseal their Miami indictments of Aristide, for his massive drug smuggling into America.  Unfortunately, Aristide has evidence key American leaders benefited  from his distribution of cash an favors to key  decision-makers. With Clinton in the President race, the lid must be kept on Aristide’s secrets.

Remember, Aristide has a manuscript entitled, “I PAID FOR MY RETURN”  and threatens  to publish this if attacked.  Over the years, this strategy has worked!

To defeat Aristide we must have commitment, guts, and the willingness to invest some of the dollars we made while in power.

We are kittens in the face of Aristide’ attack dogs.

I am  not optimistic.



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  1. Horrible predictions regarding the weeks and months to come but unfortunately and sadly, they likely will prove to be very accurate and “spot-on”. The U.S. will sit back with arms crossed but this should be a surprise to no one.

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