July 26, 2019
President Moise is like a guy being shot at from all directions. 

Decisions must be made in rapid succession.
Two big ones, in the immediate future, could spell survival or the ultimate slide into the Abyss.

Any wrong move will leave a poison within the system, that will generate a fatal GANGRENE at a later date.
The Arnel Joseph situation sees the captured gang-leader as a damaged bank account,  full of extremely important information. This information will reveal the criminal involvement of several, perhaps many more, key elements in our society’s leadership. Arnel Joseph was paid a lot of money to kidnap, rape, murder and generally create chaos in support of treasonous goals.
Arnel Joseph, and other gang-leaders, are subsidized by those with political or simply greed as agendas.
Many innocent people have died. 
Society has been disrupted.
With his perilous medical condition, we face the reality that Arnel Joseph may “die, from his gangrene,”  before his Truths are extracted from him. It has happened before. It may happen again, silencing a dangerous voice.
Already inefficient, and troubled, our government slides closer to the abyss with each passing day.

Rather than make substantive, constructive decisions, there is a tendency to stay with the “Status Quo,” even if this encapsulates GANGRENE within the system.
August sees 2 important contracts expiring.
PNH Director General Michel-Ange Gedeon’s disastrous, anti-Haitian term will end,  and he should go off into luxury retirement in his $1,000,000 Coral Springs home. He has prepared for this, leaving Haiti each Thursday at 11 A.M., returning from Miami Monday morning. Over the past year Gedeon had demonstrated a criminal indifference to law-and-order, his sworn responsibility.
A Lavalas militant, Gedeon was injected into the system by Privert, as a time-bomb to derail President Moise’s efforts.
Now, at the last moment, Gedeon manages to capture Arnel Joseph in a spectacular raid, that could have been carried out weeks ago. Gedeon’s move was a cynical effort to prove his value, and force a renewal of his contract – SO HE CAN SPEND ANOTHER 3 YEARS SCREWING US UP IN PREPARATION FOR A LAVALAS GOVERNMENT!
If the truth were known, Gedeon does not command the respect and popularity, within PNH ranks, one would expect of a Chief. Gedeon has cynically placed his PNH officers’ lives in jeopardy in a calculated effort to embarrass and pressure President Moise.
PNH officers have been killed. A number of these lost their lives to the violence of Arnel Joseph’s gang, a band of murdering rapists, funded by major business/political  interests, with no though for the public’s welfare.
Arnel Joseph could have been captured months ago, during the time Jean Henry Ceant was Prime Minister.


Time for Gedeon to go.
Unfortunately, the “Status Quo” may appeal to President Moise. Easier to leave things as they are than to make a positive move to change the game.
People will die because of a bad decision.
The Jovenel Moise Government might fail, because of this bad decision with PNH leadership.

And then there is BRH Governor,  Lavalas Jean Baden Dubois, also injected into the system by Lavalas loyalist Privert, to damage the Jovenel Moise government and, by doing so, damage the Hopes of 12,000,000 Haitians.
Jean Baden Dubois is currently spreading  a lot of money around – OUR MONEY- YOUR MONEY!!! – to ensure his contract’s renewal, for another criminally disastrous, theft-filled, three years. Like ONA, the Banque de la République d’Haïti (BRH) has provided a honey pot, from which a criminal collection of Haitians have stolen tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions from the treasury, denying rice-and-beans, schooling, medical services, law-and-order to our citizens as the criminals buy property in Florida.

Castel, the previous Governor, manipulated the situation, exactly as Jean Baden Dubois is now manipulating it, to extend his term. By keeping Castel for an extra mandate  Haiti lost a fortune.  
He has used his criminal cash to buy extensive real estate holdings throughout Haiti.
Let us block Jean Baden Dubois from this, and keep him as a simple, criminal multi-millionaire. 
He is holding American Dollars not Haitian Gourdes. 
He may be a criminal but he isn’t stupid!.
Do not extend his term, an extension that will see our currency become worthless. Look at this diagram of the Gourde’s final plunge towards extinction, personally supervised by Jean Baden Dubois, following Castels period, during which Castel  – personally and without authority – devalued the Gourde by something like 20% – giving the Dominican Republic a massive advantage in buying Haitian goods. 
Castel was rewarded for this by the DR.
Castel isn’t a fool. His fortune is in real estate and American dollars, not Haitian Gourdes.

Castel/Baden Dubois   devaluation de la gourde

The Governor BNH should be, must be clear of politics: I have never met the man, but the Deputy Governor  George Henry Fils has a very good reputation among bankers locally, and internationally. He would be the best replacement for Jean Baden Dubois as Governor BRH.
He might stabilize our economy and give it a chance to recover.

There is still time to avoid the pending train wreck.
But I am not optimistic.
PANDORA’S BOX remains a threatening entity, waiting to be opened with unfortunate, and predictable results.
We need a new PNG Director General.
We need a new BRH Governor.
With no regard for the medium to long-term damage, our Canadian, American and United Nation’s associates wish to maintain the “Status Quo” that simply facilitates the ongoing disaster.
Bad decisions may see the opposition senators, Don Kato, Cassy, Pierre and Beauplan achieve their goal – the collapse of President Jovenel Moise’s government, my government, your government, in their ill-concealed effort to create a situation in which Amnesty will be extended for all criminals who have pillaged PETROCARIBE funds.
The new Prime Minister and Cabinet were in jeopardy even before they were selected. Senators Don Kato, Cassy, Pierre and Beauplan will continue their disruptive chaos to make Haiti an ungovernable Hell.


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