Pamela White and Javier Nino Perez, met with Senators of the opposition

Haiti - Politic : Pamela White and Javier Nino Perez, met with Senators of the opposition...

The U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White accompanied by Javier Nino Perez, Head of Delegation of the European Union in Haiti, have met Monday morning with the Senators [of the opposition] : François Annick Joseph (OPL) and Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimé (INITE) around the organization of the next elections.

Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimùé, who is among those who believe that the conditions are not met for the establishment of a Permanent Electoral Council and who calls for a last Provisional Council of consensus, to organize the election of the third of the Senate, says he explained to the two diplomats that the Provisional Electoral Council of consensus was the only possible solution to organize the next elections, mainly because of the absence of one third of the Senators what prevents them from getting a quorum allowing designate their representative to the CEP.

An opinion shared by Senator Anick François Joseph who says to have expressed the same position as his colleague. He believed that the U.S. Ambassador seemed more favorable to a Permanent Electoral Council. He said he had noted some disappointment at the U.S. Ambassador, which according to him, would not have heard what she wanted to hear…

At the end of the meeting the U.S. Ambassador has declined to comment on the issues addressed in this meeting. “Like me, everyone wants a bright future for the country,” declared the Ambassador, which hopes the holding of upcoming election in early 2013…

Reacting to the meeting, the Senator Moïse Jean Charles (INITE), which also advocates for a provisional CEP, stated that Ms. White already knew the position of Senators of the opposition on the issue of CEP and that this visit was not necessary and that the multiplication of meetings with the diplomats accredited in the country, will come to nothing if the formula of Provisional CEP is not adopted. “A Permanent Electoral Council will never see the day,” he affirmed.

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