PAID PEDOPHILES FOR PRESIDENT PREVAL like a new social organization with a political flavor.

There must be something about pedophiles that appeals to President Rene Garcia Preval.  He has one  – Bellerive – for his Prime Minister. Now, he has another well known racketeer – Richard Coles – to make a public statement to the effect that President Preval’s term of office must be extended for another 18 months.

Richard Coles pretends to speak on behalf of Haiti’s business community.

Richard Coles has absolutely no standing within the Haitian business community and has been rejected by all other segments of society.

The man betrayed Olivier Nadal, then he betrayed Aristide, and now he simply betrays Haiti.

He is a whore who dances to the tune of anyone who will pay his price or toss him a small boy/girl. Coles is not prejudiced and will molest either sex.

If you are over 13 you are safe

Preval insiders say Coles received $100,000.00 American for this his latest prostitution.



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  1. And don’t forget he had a lesbian for Prime Minister in the person of Michelle Pierre-Louis. Not that this should have anything to do with how someone does their job, but she was, without a doubt, the worst Prime Minister we have endured for some time. Comparable to Jacques Alexis but slightly worse.

    She allowed Preval’s pillage of Petro Caraibe funds, to the tune of $198,000,000 and finally promised an accounting. She left office without explaining anything.

    She and Preval should face justice.

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