July 11 2018

The outside world has a Perceived Reality of the media, that is out of step with the Haitian Reality.

In America, there is a small percentage of important media coverage that is funded by interested parties to saw public opinion.

In Haiti most important articles, on important subjects, are funded by people with their own specific agendas.

Nesmy Manigat used millions from the Eduction Ministry coffers to retain something like 94 journalists on the ministry staff. These employees wrote nothing but angelic stuff about the Minister.

So it is with PNH Chief Gedeon.

He has a large team of so-called journalists writing good stuff to diminish his guilt with regard to the disaster that effectivel destroyed much of our business in the Port-au-Prince area. His original excuse was his lack of fuel for PNH vehicles.


Now the local media has initiated a detergent campaign to wash away the fact Director General Gedeon was working for Aristide/Privert/Lavalas goals, rather than those that serve our 12,000,000 citizens.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Taste the pudding and it is tainted by the burned debris resulting from Chief Gedeon’s abandonment of his responsibility.

He has another weight on his side of the balance.

The media doesn’t like President Jovenel Moise and welcome any paid, or unpaid opportunity to diminish whatever President Moise is doing for the Nation.


But peace and tranquility are illusory elements in the Haitian equation.

Application of cash to the streets can send the Mob on a path of destruction for any reason. And, with the constant Lavalas of propaganda, over RADIO TI MOUN – preparing the Mob for violence, the dangers is ready to go, it engine ticking over, already warmed up for an acceleration to burn, pillage and destroy.

Reality counts for little where the people are having an impossible time putting food on the table or sending their kids to school. Frustrations are high, taking little to light th flame.

Haiti remains a Time Bomb simply waiting for another detonator’s insertion.

President Jovenel Moise must do something in addition to his Caravan of Change. He must initiate projects similar to those launched by Martelly/Lamothe that saw the immediate needs of Haiti’s poor being dealt with.



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