2 thoughts on “P.V + Palais National November 23, 2018

  1. A lot of people have descended from the giant bidonville, Jalousie, overlooking Petionville.

    Are they there to protect Petionville against Andre Michel’s threat.

    Are they there to participate in the threatened destruction?

    Police Chief Gedeon is the key to this threat, having totally derailed the PNH, withholding officers from action and personally attacking Jovenel Moise’s right to be President. Time for Gedeon to be replaced.

    Once again, the International Community is playing with fire, not understanding the elements involved.

    18 Radio stations when Martelly took office. Now over 150 as his government sold licences to friends. Many drug dealers own stations. Majority now attacking Jovenel.

  2. Yon pati nan Martelly trase reprann Prezidans lan.
    Martelly ak plan Ceant pou kraze Jovenel.
    Ceant ap prepare palè pou Martelly.
    Ameriken yo twonpe ankò.

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