Oscars 2018, a double first for Haiti

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Haiti - FLASH : Oscars 2018, a double first for Haiti

Thursday, the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science announced that 92 countries were selected for the Oscar 2018 Best Foreign Language Film, for next prestigious cinema awards ceremony. Nominations for the 90th Oscars will be announced on January 23, 2018. The high-glamor award ceremony will be held on March 4 in Hollywood.

Among the countries that compete for the first time, Haiti presents the feature film “Ayiti mon amour” of the director Guetty Felin, that will defend the colors of Haiti at the Oscars 2018.

This is a first for Haiti. This is the first time that Haiti in its film history that Haiti is competing at the Oscars and it is also the first time that a woman of Haitian (Haitian-American) origin realizes a feature length fiction in Haiti to Jacmel (in 2016).

Note that “Ayiti mon amour” has already been awarded twice in 2017 at the “Blackstar Film Festival” and the “Festival Internacional de Cine America” (Best Film).

The film tells how life comes back to Kabic, a small fishing village in south-east of Jacmel forgotten by the rest of the world, 5 after the earthquake as the sea seizes the land. Guetty Felin describes the history of this small village and its slow return to normal through 3 characters. There is Orphée, annihilated by the disappearance of his father who one day discovers that he has a mysterious electric power that the sea has given him, the old fisherman in love Juares who takes care of his sick wife Odessa, the beautiful and intriguing Ama, the main character of the unfinished novel of a writer lacking inspiration, who arrives at life and decides to live by herself on leaving fiction. And then there are the “rags, empty clothes,” which are the animated marks of the spirits of death.


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