OnePlanet Summit : Jovenel Moïse pleads for Haiti and the Caribbean

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President Jovenel Moïse participated yesterday Tuesday in the OnePlanet Summit initiated by President Emmanuel Macron. Co-organized with the United Nations and the World Bank, this Summit is an extension of the Paris Agreement and focuses particularly on climate finance issues in order to achieve its objectives.
At One Planet Summit President Jovenel Moïse about reforestation said “Haiti has inaugurated the first germplasm center.The goal is to create 10 nurseries of 4.5 million trees in each region,” also he talked about his plan to make reforestation compulsory in schools. “Tree planting will be compulsory for students in the school curriculum !”

On the subject of climate hazards, he denounced that last year “we lost US $ 2.7 billion (damage), insurance companies have repaid US $ 23 million. Insurance is a major challenge. We need a new insurance approach to cover the Caribbean.” Every year Caribbean countries face a long and costly hurricane season from June to November 30. “Yet, the region does not have the resources to deal with this environmental threat, and is losing ground economically every year. International bureaucracy should move faster to meet needs after each disaster before the next hurricane season.

Speaking of energy in Haiti he said that the energy master plan of the Haitian government is green and focuses on renewable energy.

Jovenel Moïse suggested that “international resources should focus on supporting the development of solutions by the Haitian government and support their implementation.”

Bringing together more than 130 countries, the OnePlanet Summit aims to bring together all the key players in the world of finance and climate to co-build the tools, alliances and initiatives essential to the greening of finance and accelerate the implementation implementation of climate projects on the ground.

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