One set of food staples finally cleared in Haiti-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

After languishing in the Port-au-Prince port for more than a month, the first shipping container filled with Buckets of Hope was released by the Haitian government June 2. The container, owned by the Florida Baptist Convention, carried buckets of various necessities donated by Southern Baptists across the country. Alabama Baptists contributed approximately 8,300 of the Buckets of Hope containers.

A second container owned by the Florida convention and filled with 41,200 pounds of rice also was released June 2 from the port in Saint Marc, located north of the capital city.

Dennis Wilbanks of the Florida convention’s partnership missions department reported that the two containers were delivered to their location June 3.

“Before Sunday they will all be distributed,” Wilbanks said.

There is urgency to delivering the buckets to Haitian pastors and distributing the contents to their communities as soon as possible, he said. “We must give the distribution report to the government officials in order to get more released.”

During the months of February and March, more than 152,000 Buckets of Hope were packed with rice, flour, beans, oil and other food by Florida and Southern Baptists as they sought to alleviate some of the hunger after the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake. The foodstuffs were placed in utility buckets, sealed and labeled with the gospel message.

After being collected and sent to locations in Florida and Shreveport. La., the buckets were placed in shipping containers before being sent to Haiti. Only a portion of the containers were sent to Haiti initially, but these have been backlogged for weeks by government bureaucracy.

Wilbanks and other Florida convention staff members had been working their way through the highest Haitian government channels in requesting the release of the containers.

While Wilbanks cautioned, “The battle is not over; this is just the first one,” he is resolute that the other containers will be released soon.

“Most of all, I am thankful that by Sunday 41,200 pounds of rice and the contents of almost 1,400 Buckets of Hope will be on the table of so many who are hungry,” he said.

Fritz Wilson, Florida’s disaster relief director, said another 14–16 containers are awaiting release from the Haitian ports. (BP)



These are only two of thousands of containers that have been blocked at customs. Many, when finally released after months in the sun and rain, have spoiled contents. Bottled water will have ruptured, from the heat, soaking bags of rice and corn, creating a mess that is beyond belief. Tin cans will have rusted, swollen and burst….while others go off like hand grenades when they are touched..

Customs agents demand under-the-table payments.

People are starving.

Government officials steal full containers of supplies.

The Preval government is not working to help the Nation. The Preval team is complicit in a delaying game that works against the best interests of Haiti’s 9,000,000 people.

Preval and Bellrieve feeding a US reporter blatant lies about aid imports amidst post-earthquake recovery

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  1. They only waited a month??!!!

    We have had stuff in customs since the first week of February and the government refuses to release it. They expect us to sign the material over to the government for distribution. They did the same thing to us in 2008 after the hurricanes hit Haiti. Then they sold it to businesses along Delmas and the needy got nothing.

    Our organization has 24 containers of food/medicine short-circuited.

    Last week we got a container of rice released, after 5 weeks. Water had leaked in and the rice fermented. The cockroaches that jumped out were the size of horses.

    We simply abandoned the material on the docks and walked away.

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