HAITI: Meet Another One of President René Préval’s Friends-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Joel R Deeb

April 24, 2010

His real name is Jean Baptiste Jean Philippe, a name few Haitians recognize. Under his “nom de guerre” Samba Boukman, he has name recognition that is national in scope. Boukman relishes the reputation of being the most brutal killer who has ever walked political gutters of Haiti.

Naïve American human rights activists claim he is a wrongly accused community activist.

In 2005, as a gang leader of the Bel-Air area in Port-au-Prince, Samba Boukman was the key initiator of Operation Baghdad, a terror campaign on behalf of a former Haitian president. The violence may never be matched in our turbulent history, although Preval has promised as bad.  Operation Baghdad indiscriminately killed men, women, and children from the elite, the middle class and the poor.

There were hundreds of victims.

Gruesome brutality, with obvious traces of torture were the hallmark of Operation Bagdad. Boukman’s men, and Boukman himself, mutilated the genitals, and beheaded victims as preferred methods of execution.  With no fear of police intervention, (they were neutralized by the government) Samba Boukman presided over press conferences in which he warned Haitian mothers to make sure their children’s names were stamped on the soles of their feet, to facilitate a positive identification of their decapitated bodies.

Naïve American human rights activists continued to claim he was a wrongly accused community activist.

His reign of terror was very effective.

During presidential elections of 2006, Samba Boukman was called to action by candidate René Préval.  When elections results indicated an unavoidable run-off Samba Boukman summoned the gangs he controlled, to help the Electoral Council resolve this “impasse” in favor of René Préval.  The Electoral Council violated its own law to accommodate Boukman and . Préval, invnting a new method of counting blank ballots. This guaranteed a first round victory for Preval, eliminating a troublesome run-off.

To force the issue, and convince MINUSTAH, Samba Boukman took his armed gangs through the streets of Port-au-Prince and Pétion-Ville, chanting “death to Préval’s opponents.”  There was a message here, for those who might demand the Democratic Process.  As a message to MINUSTAH, General Samba Boukman brought his troops to the Hotel Montana, where high ranking representatives of the United Nations and other international organizations lived. The mob jumped into the swimming pool as and also roamed the hotel’s corridors, knocking on doors and entering rooms.

The message to the international community was loud and clear

The Electoral Council, controlled by Preval, declared him President-Elect of Haiti.

Along with Amaral Duclona, another Preval gang leader and killer, now occupying a French prison cell, for the Preval ordered murder of a French diplomat in Haiti,  .

Samba Boukman, accompanied, by other gang leaders, who helped him kidnap and kill hundreds of Haitians, joined the white collar criminals known as the Bourdon Group, at Delatour’s residence to celebrate Préval’s victory.

Lionel Delatour is the brain trust who orchestrated many economic crimes credited to her former sister-in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth Debrosse Delatour (Vorbe) (Celestin) Préval, or to his brother

Patrick Delatour, Minister of Tourism in the Bellerive government led by Mr. Jean Max Bellerive, and co-owner of a construction firm now doing business with the state.

Lionel Delatour is the financial advisor to Preval’s entire group of gangsters.

This singular club, the members of which are also on Mr. Lionel Delatour’s client list, includes Mr.

Leslie Voltaire, who amassed a personal fortune of more than $ 200 million dollars during his time in the National Palace, and  Mr. Jude Celestin, an intimate friend of Préval and former boyfriend of the president’s wife, (who isn’t??) It was Jude Celestin who had Amaral Duclona kidnap and murder Robert Marcello, for a contract worth something like $100,000,000 US, as well as Jean Baptiste Jean Philippe, better known as Samba Boukman, who tortured and murdered hundreds of innocent citizens, and is now an appointed official member of President Préval’s Commission for Demobilization, Disarmament and Reinsertion (DDR).

Boukman rides again?

Earlier this week, Haiti’s Radio Metropole reported during March 2010, over 60 Haitians were dead from gunshot wounds in Port-au-Prince, while 50 were treated by Doctors without Borders, for gunshot wounds.  Several of these would die.   Where is Samba Boukman, the Butcher of Bel-Air, and  official member of President Préval’s Commission for Demobilization, Disarmament and Reinsertion (DDR)?

Joel R Deeb

Omega Consultant and World News



The contract for which Robert Marcello was killed involved a major deal to buy equipment for Haiti’s Ministry of Public Works.  The game would see old/used equipment bought for new prices. Marcello refused to sign the documentation and was shot for his scruples.

The Ministry of Public Works has generated many fortunes for those lucky enough to have authority there. Frantz Verrela was thought to have stolen enough, during an earlier tour as Minister of Public Works, to see him serve with a certain degree of integrity during his recent appointments.


There is never enough for the greedy!

He stole more millions, many of these in partnership with Rene Preval and a young Dominican businessman who was given lucrative contracts in Haiti. Preval and Verella were partners in the company.

Marcello was murdered and those responsible for the crime are known to the community. This is just another example of Haiti’s lack of any sort of legal system.


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