OAS shies away from Haitian elections

Thursday, 17 December 2009

oasThe Organisation of American States (OAS) has said that it will not be involved in the organisation or implementation of next year’s elections in Haiti, as has been the case in the past.

An OAS statement said the hemispheric body will simply observe the development of the elections.

It said the decision was based on the need for Haiti to equip itself with electoral institutions that are transparent, permanent and trustworthy.

The OAS anticipates sending about 80 observers to parliamentary elections in February, and twice that number to the presidential elections scheduled for November 2010.


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2 thoughts on “OAS shies away from Haitian elections

  1. This is really great!. The OAS condoned Preval’s theft of the 2006 presidential elections. They condoned his theft of the Chamber of Deputies and recently swallowed his theft of 6 senate seats. They have said nothing about drug dealers and murderers running for and winning office, supported personally by Preval. The OAS has said nothing about Preval’s massive corruption or involvement in major international scandals.
    And now the OAS thinks that this recent action really makes any difference. They will accept anything and everything Preval shoves in front of them!!

  2. OAS abandoning Haiti’s electoral fiasco is similar to a situation in which a chauffeur drives his vehicle into deep, thick mud. He cannot go forward. He cannot reverse. So he tosses the keys to his passenger and goes home for lunch.

    The Organization of American States violated its Charter in 1991 when they blocked elections after Aristide’s first departure. They brought Aristide back. The selected Preval in 1994/95. They allowed Aristide’s theft of the 2000 ballot. The OAS selected Preval in 2006, believing he was the only Hope for Haiti. And now their man is an uncontrollable criminal who will grab dictatorial power over the next few months.

    Where is the OAS?

    They are pretending that they have no responsibility for the fate of some 9,000,000 Haitians who have little or not interest in the Democratic process since Democracy has effectively seen them lose everything.

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