Oct 15, 2018


Our Nation stands on the edge of an abyss.

One step further and there will be no way back.

This is the moment for all factions, and I mean ALL FACTIONS, to join hands and work to save the Nation, before this moment slips past and Haiti implodes, becoming what they call a Failed  Nation.

Failed Nations are in a category that possesses no ingredients for success. Some African nations fall into this category, not even possessing the minimal requirements of water for


Haiti has all of the elements for success. It has 12,000,000 truly productive citizens. If properly trained, they are the equal to, or superior to those found in other countries. If handled properly, Haiti has the financial resources to be comfortably independent.

Different agendas can be debated, when today’s crisis has been met and eliminated.

Attacks on the Jovenel Moise government are not constructive since this government is a direct result of our national make-up that sees us move to destroy a new government immediately after election results have been announced..

Let is create a team

This will be a popular concept, nationally, since most of our population has never participated in the Electoral Process, but expects the government to do something. They are not happy to see their political and social leaders attacking what is – in fact – our DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT.

For better, or for worse Jovenel won TWICE. Must be some sort of record.

To continue this move towards violence, on October 17, or some other date, will effectively doom whatever chance Democracy has to survive, within Haiti. And the International Community will abandon us or, in final frustration, occupy and control us so Hait does not become a blight on the Western Hemisphere. This will see foreign control of Douane, the Central Bank and security.

All of the freedoms we enjoy will disappear, like fog in the morning sunlight, as the occupiers move to simplify their challenges. A lot of arrests will follow.

Time to follow Christ’s direction, when the moob was about to stone to death a woman accused of infidelity:


In my circle of associates, I cannot think of anyone who fits this category.

Time for our people to use the stones constructively, together, to make our present government improve and function till the end of its mandate. Then, via the ballot box, we will select another “imperfect human being,” to continue our process towards becoming a well-structured, productive, secure society. Let us not lose all of the positive gains generated during the Jovenel Moise Presidency through violence that effectively leads to another Transition to Nowhere.”. Effectively a conveyor belt to nowhere.

Time for ex-President Martelly to sit down, contructively with his protege President Jovenel Moise. Time for other leaders to joint in, creating a useful, constructive grouping to offer their talents to survival of Haiti. Privert, Avril, Aristide and their Band of Brothers must save Haiti from a predictable train wreck.

If this isn’t done whomever wins the conflict will inherit nothing. It will be an empty victory.



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