NH Group Helps Haitian Amputee Dance Again

MANCHESTER, N.H. — A professional dancer from Haiti who lost her leg in that country’s recent earthquake will soon be dancing again, thanks to a New Hampshire group’s generosity.Fabienne Jean, 32, ran from her home the day of the earthquake, only to be injured when a brick wall collapsed on her. After sitting in a hospital bed for days without medical care, her leg had become so infected it had to come off.A folk dancer by trade, she said she was convinced life would never be the same.Dennis Acton’s wife operates the New England Brace Co. and leads the NEBCO Foundation. They traveled to Haiti after the earthquake and helped people like Jean who lost limbs in the disaster.For the past year, Jean has been wearing a prosthetic that allows her to walk. But she recently arrived in New Hampshire to be fitted for something new.”I prayed and thank God every day that he sent Dennis,” Jean said through a translator.Acton said his team decided when they were in Haiti to see each case through to its completion. For Jean, that means doing what they can to allow her to dance again. His company is fitting her for a special leg that will let her dance.”The difference is in the foot,” Acton said. “It’s called an energy-starving foot, so it will give her more response when she dances.”The NEBCO Foundation receives private donations to help people like Jean. To learn more about its mission, go to its website.


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