New Faculty of Law and Political Science at UniFa-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - Education : New Faculty of Law and Political Science at UniFa

On Monday, the University of the Aristide Foundation (UniFa) [founded in 2001 by former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide] announced the opening of its Faculty of Law and Political Science.

Mrs. Nicole Phillips, Professor of Law, at the University of San Francisco, which will be among the new faculty members of this new faculty, stated that the four-year program in UniFa will train approximately 150 students per year to become the next generation of lawyers in Haiti. The first classes are expected to begin in fall 2013.

Like the private medical faculty of the UniFa, the law program, will also benefit from the expertise of some law professors in the United States, mostly from the University of San Francisco, in partnership with UniFa.

Mrs Nicole Phillips said she hopes “that these partnerships with American faculties will allow to create a Faculty of Advanced Legal and political science, to train Haitian lawyers at the highest possible standard.”

Moreover, UniFa, opened the same day, a training seminar on social medicine in partnership with the organization “Physicians for Haiti” seminar led by Haitian and foreign teachers to which participate 10 Haitian students, and 10 from several other countries.

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Just what Haiti does not need. MORE LAWYERS!!!

Aristide keeps saying he is interested in education.

Why doesn’t he focus upon creating a new bunch of highly qualified teachers?

This is what the nation needs.

It does not need more lawyers.

William Shakespeare was right.

They should all be killed and the country would be a better place.


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7 thoughts on “New Faculty of Law and Political Science at UniFa-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. this statement is right on the money-we need more teachers and good doctors not lawyers-

  2. More negativity. Why dont you focus on the creation of more qualified teachers. Again, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

    1. To Garnel- You should stop being so negative, and making prejorative statements. We ARE working towards training new teachers, which is FAR more than ANY other Haitian is doing, or HAS EVER DONE. What are you doing about the problem? Making arrogant comments?

  3. Someone is doing something in Haiti and you think he should be doing something else. My commen was, may be, you should focus on that something else. Where in my statment do you see any negativity or arrogance. I will support anything that’s positive. Statement like ” Far more than any other Haitian is doing, or has ever done” sounds more arrogant than anything I have said.

  4. we need more qualify lawyers if we are to protect the right of the Haitian citizen. protection under the is a joke in haiti. we need to bolster our legal system

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