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Haiti - Politics : Moïse wishes all students a good school year

Sunday, on the eve of the beginning of the school year, President Jovenel Moïse wished a good school year to all Haitian schoolchildren. He took the opportunity to praise the efforts of parents working on a day-to-day basis in order to offer well-trained citizens to the country capable of participating in its development.

He recalled that for the start of the school year, the Government had mobilized all the State actors concerned to ensure the success of the school year and to promote quality education for young people, in particular the most disadvantaged, who would benefit from the assistance of public authorities.

Among the measures taken he has mentioned : the program of subsidy and endowment of school books, the rehabilitation of signage and road infrastructure, opening up and lighting of the streets, sanitation and the school canteen program…

He added that throughout the country, arrangements had been made to rehabilitate a large number of school infrastructures and to facilitate the distribution of kits to needy schoolchildren, the latter entrusted this year to the Social and Economic Assistance Fund (FAES) ensure better effectiveness of the actions of the State.

Moreover, this Monday, more than 500 brigadiers mobilized by the Ministry of Youth are deployed across the country to help schoolchildren safely go to school.

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Unfortunately, for the government’s credibility, no one has been arrested for the theft of millions from funds set aside to purchase School Kits for children.

Obviously, too many IMPORTANT PEOPLE -drank from this well.
If a thief has a powerful sponsor – with whom he/she shares – there will never be  any Justice.

Just jails full of poor people held on Preventative Detention without appearance before a judge, often for years.

This accelerating situation could well be another key nail in the government’s coffin.


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