January 21, 2012

Mirlande Manigat sees nothing wrong with Arnel Belizaire’s interruption of Parliament,  with Belizaire,  and his supporters blowing air-horns to make Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe’s speech impossible.

On the other hand, American Ambassador Pamela White  recognizing the insult to Martelly/Lamothe, Parliament and the Haitian people, started to leave the room.

When Martelly prepared to speak she remained.

Mirlande Manigat – MEGA MOO – has no respect for herself, her husband former-President Leslie Manigat, her political party or the Haitian people.  Although Leslie is slipping into Alzheimer’s one would expect a former-First Lady and presidential candidate, to maintain a certain decorum.  For some years, she has indulged her more animal instincts with Leslies’ students. I cannot think of anything more revolting, but some people will do anything for higher grades.

A few shots of Clairin probably helps to suppress the revulsion of the young men involved.

She criticizes Prime Minister Lamothe, suggesting that he has not been available to Parliament. My God, he has appeared before Parliament 10 times over the past months, more than any previous Prime Minister!!

People should be reminded of her high moral standing with regard to the elections that saw Michel Martelly win the prize.

She was originally fighting for something near last place, with a popularity poll of about 4%… yes, that is FOUR PERCENT!!!  When Preval entered the game. He paid Mirlande Manigat something like $6,000,000, gave Leslie a pension, did home improvements on her house, gave her a $150,000 armored SUV, and spent money on publicity for her campaign.

In return, MEGA MOO promised to let Rene Preval appoint her cabinet, giving him a chance to maintain continuity by controlling the government.

In the real elections – which finally occurred – Michel Martelly, Sweet Mickey or whatever flag we fly – managed to gain 85% of the vote – YES THAT IS 85 PERCENT OF THE VOTE!!!  Madame Manigat – MEGA MOO – actually got 15%. However, rather than embarrass this embarrassment to Haitian society, they gave her a greater percentage.

They should have released the  true votes, then people today would recognize her real value and influence on today’s ongoing situation – ZERO!!!

Or is MEGA MOO now in the pay of Aristide and Preval – yet again.

She is a little old to be a whore. Like anything else, once you get the taste, it is hard to break the habit.


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  1. I can remember the electoral fiasco as Preval ran his cousin, Jude Celestin, as a candidate, geared to lose while Mirlande Manigat won. This would show it was a fair election – since Celestin, his man, was defeated. Then he would go on to control via Mirlande Manigat.

    Somewhere, in mid-stride, Preval/Celestin decided to go for the gold and make Celestin president. His character flaws were too much for the international community – murder, kidnap, massive thefts from the state treasury…So he was dumped, leaving Manigat against Martelly, and the rest is history.

    People sometime forget the motivation behind the game. Preval wanted to knock Jean-Henry Ceant out of the game. Ceant was the front-runner, with Baker and Martelly as numbers 2 and three. Preval believed Ceant would arrest and try him for his massive – $198,000,000 – theft from Petro Caribe Funds, if he won.

    The final balloting was recognized as a big scam, immediately upon opening of the polling stations and 19 candidates dropped out – including Manigat, Baker, Ceant and Martelly – forming the Group of 19.

    Somewhere along the line, Manigat and Martelly decided to stay in the race and the rest is histoire, as they say.

    Strangely, Haiti got the best result from all of Preval’s planned crimes.

    If anyone can save the country it is the Martelly/Lamothe team, if they can just get their act together, get rid of inner circle fools, get some good advisers and then follow their hearts.

    I believe the Martelly/Lamothe team really want to do the best thing.

    They need our help.

  2. a vision of Mirland Manigat nude strikes wonder into my mind.

  3. Your depiction of Mirlande Manigat was from her much younger period. She is not so attractive presently.

  4. One of the media problems is their uses of young photographs that do not reflect elderly ages. You require a recent image of Mirlande Manigat in place of this one of her at 22.

  5. Are you a whore if you pay?
    No, you are a “John” or in Milrande’s event a “June.”She is past history and should try a lap dance on a rocking chair.

  6. My visual is a dog.

    Sadly, Mirlande Manigat changes her proposition with each day. She is everyone’s ally or enemy dependent on some unknown mysteries.

    Question her houngan.

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