I shouldn’t be stunned, surprised, or even disappointed at the incredibly stupid things those supposedly in control said about MINUSTAH’s departure.    There should be no surprise when fools like this maneuver the world into situations where which millions die.

Most situations would actually resolve themselves more efficiently with no one at the wheel or with the Chicago Exchanges predictive computer  system that buys futures in the market.

One foreign observer succinctly summed up the situation, after America’s UN Ambassador said,   http://www.haitian-truth.org/nikki-haley-proclaims-un-peacekeepers-made-%e2%80%98great-contribution%e2%80%99-to-haiti-added-commentary-by-haitian-truth/

The observer kindly noted that one of the American Ambassador’s basic requirement for selection was training as a circus contortionist. “She has managed to insert her head in her ass!


Over the years,  outsiders have maneuvered Haitians into the fire in ways that resemble a high school lab experiment. Each class starts from zero and then learns nothing. There is no cumulative application of things learned, good and bad, from past classes.

No empirical gathering of knowledge.

No torch to pass along to the next team.

And Haiti declines as a new team of foreigners complains about our system, our people, without looking in the mirror to see their own stupidity.  Each group marching to its own rhythm, some in tune, some marching to a truly distant drummer. Most of these work to their own agenda, an agenda that ignores the needs of Haiti and its people.

MINUSTAH became complacent, wasting time that could have been invested in preparing Haiti for this day, when the group must depart.  Had they done this we might even forgive them for their blatant fiscal  corruption, on a Haitian scale, (ie: the many millions stolen during the electoral process by printing ballots in Dubai – twice!.)


Their involvement in the cocaine business, and their endemic sexual violation of our dogs, cats, small girls and boys, women and men, cripples, insane – a taste for every predator. (ie: The Uruguayans in Port Salut where Haitians were upset by MINUSTAH stealing their cocaine business – using MINUSTAH helicopters and boats – and the Uruguayan sailors’ rape of Johny Jean.)

Cholera generated by dumping raw shit into the Artibonite River system infecting over 1,000,000 people, killing over 20,000 even as the UN moved to reclassify cholera deaths as “Deaths from severe Diarrhea.”


The theft of our goats, by the Brazilians was nothing! It did become the focus of a Carnival song.


To an honest observer, from Mars, unaware of the various agendas, a  balanced analysis would leave him/her/it confused. For example, this Martian would put all of the details into an advanced computer system, press the button and watch his screen for results.

They would pop up a tenth of a millisecond later!


On continued follow up the advanced computer system was still unable to get beyond the flawed reasoning in why Aristide still functioning, and   why he isn’t in jail – FOREVER!!

After all, our neutral Martian foolishly fed our legal systems into the computer, along with claimed societal values honored by those native tribes involved.

On a scale of 1 to 10 Haiti might rate a 3, but, if left alone the Martian’s computer says Haiti would have done better than it has, having been influenced, dictated to by outside societies, like the United States who believe that they rate a 10+

I mean, guys like Jessie Jackson, Congresswoman Waters, the Clintons – give us a break!

The Martian computer system buzzed and clicked for .0000022 of a second before wondering why – after the Aristide reality became apparent, throughout the 8.5 months of his first Presidency,  during which he worked to destroy our infrastructure, why was he returned TWICE – why he is still free to play a destructive role??


I mean, how many people do you have to Necklace, how many tons of cocaine do you have to ship into the United States, how many millions do you have to steal in order to earn a Failing Grade??

Obviously another group of failed high school experiments with no accumulation of facts passed on.

Test to failure.

With this concept, an item, such as an aircraft or simple fastener is tested under pressures until absolute and complete failure!!

The  item is totally trashed and of absolutely no value to anyone, other than as scrap metal to be melted and used in some other process.

That is neat for aluminum, steel, or beer bottles which provide bulk for some alternate function.

But what about a nation like Haiti that is tested to destruction?

Haitians are tolerant beyond belief. They have endured generations in which the outside world has controlled them, has known what was best for them, and look where it has gotten us!

The Martian computer wondered why   – on the American’s balance of claimed values,  why Aristide is tolerated?  This concept is a total reversal of what their computer said. In fact, after running their program an Infinite number of times it still came up with a simple comment before erupting in a smoky explosion as its advanced Martian circuits melted down.


Somehow we must benefit from this, or we are truly doomed.

Aristide is still with us, ready to attack – again – after MINUSTAH packs its bags and departs for the beach. Aristide has the determination and the cash required. He also understands that this is last chance. He must attack with all of his massive resources.

This is as predictable as Death and Taxes but our controllers, in the United Nations,   Organization of American States, and Washington  have decided the game is finished and the players must rush home to plan another success, elsewhere in the Third World, where people are too weak to resist.

There will be no overtime period to even the score.


Aristide lurks in his dark web at Tabarre, a poisonous spider protected by embarrassing dossiers he possesses on many key international figures, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Black Caucus, Jessie Jackson, Republicans and Democrats enmeshed in Aristide’s phone scandals, cocaine traffic… the list is endless.

Aristide never sleeps!

He has worked diligently, for the past year, as his man Privert prepared the groundwork for what must come.

Privert weakened the system.

Privert flooded our infrastructure with Lavalas supporters.

Privert gave us a Lavalas Police Chief with a 3 year contract.

Privert loaded the embassies and consulates.

Privert’s team stole all the cash and even stole furniture from the Palace.

They left the rats and empty pizza boxes.

Privert has scurried to sanctuary in the Dominican Republic with his stolen millions.

The sad reality stands before us – another delayed opportunity.


Jovenel won the 2015 Presidential Election – first round. People didn’t have the guts to honestly state this.  Had they done so, Haiti wouldn’t be in the dilemma of today.

A year has been wasted, completely and totally wasted during which Aristide has prepared for the coming battle.

Jovenel must work diligently to simply get the Nation back to the point of February 7, 2016, when he should have assumed the Presidency.

Anyone who moves to disrupt or block his progress is an Enemy of the State. We must all work to help our President, Jovenel Moise, in his effort to save our Nation and establish a real Democratic process.

To do otherwise courts a predictable disaster.

Their future is in your hands!



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