October 11, 2019
Michel Andre’s promise to have his Mob burn Petionville, if President Moise didn’t step down, drew few people.
And then Andre Michel showed his true character as someone who simply destroys things.

His people set upon the guys who sell paintings, on consignment, along the city wall across from the Kinam Hotel in Petionville. Thousands of paintings were burned, denying countless poor artists’ families the meager chance to buy food for survival.
In one malevolent act – with absolutely no political meaning – Michel Andre’s terrorists wiped out the hopes of many. These artists depended on meager sales to fund their kid’s schooling. 
Now this hope is gone
And more of the demonstrators ordered the Director of Marche Salomon,  in downtown Port-au-Prince- one of the areas biggest marketplaces, to set fire to the area. 
When he refused, they killed him.
This isn’t politics.
It is simple terror by paid terrorists who receive a “franchise” to rob and kill.

Andre Michel is a simple terrorist, funded by Maduro/Venezuela and other criminals, to damage Haitian society.
Michel Andre, Arnel Belizaire, and a few others must be arrested.
Unfortunately we cannot arrest Senators Beauplan, for ordering the dumping of oil on streets, causing numerous severe accidents and some deaths. We cannot arrest Senators Latortue, Don Kato, Cassy or others, because they have Immunity that protects them even from murder charges.
Time for the democratic process to re-write the Constitution and jail the Nation’s criminals.

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