Message from President Moïse to the Caribbean Community

Haiti Libre

As President Jovenel Moïse prepares to take over the next 6 months from January 1, 2018, the acting Presidency of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), he delivered on this occasion a message to the Caribbean community.

Extracts from the message of President Jovenel Moïse :

“[…] The social and economic achievements that we have achieved individually and collectively must be protected against the assaults of nature. Greenhouse gas production by CARICOM member states and non-member states is virtually zero, even if they suffer a disproportionate part of the consequences.

[…] Many of the main legislative and administrative measures relating to the functioning of the single market are in place […] it is now up to all public and private sector stakeholders to ensure that we make the maximum of these provisions. This would allow us to increase our intra-regional trade, share our best human resources and encourage our entrepreneurs to expand interests, to provide us with a sales platform, which allows to move from market access to presence on the market in the countries with which we have trade agreements.

[…] I would like to thank my predecessor, the Prime Minister of Grenada, the Honorable Dr. Keith Mitchell, for his outstanding performance at the head of the community during one of the difficult periods of our history. I can not wait to build on his achievements. With the support of all, we will keep our community on the path of sustainable development of a viable and prosperous secure society.

[…] I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all CARICOM citizens a very happy and productive new year as we work together to continue to build a resilient community that promotes the interests of all its citizens.”


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