Massive wave of lay-offs at FAES

Haiti - FLASH : Massive wave of lay-offs at FAES

Charles Ernest Chatelier, the Director General of the Social and Economic Assistance Fund (FAES), confirmed the dismissal of non-essential staff due to severe budgetary constraints preventing the institution from meeting its financial obligations. He explained that this was a management decision aimed at financially restoring the institution, which accumulates more than 300 million Gourdes of debts and which has increased its staff, from 50 to 283 people in 4 years.
Only a staff of about fifty people, sufficient for the proper functioning of this institution and the personnel essential to the management of projects financed by donors, would not be affected by this measure.

Charles Ernest Chatelier, however, is not in a position to say exactly how many people will be revoked on the 283, confining himself to saying that will involve as many people as possible in order to bring the payroll back to a sustainable level.

The dismissals began this week and the employees concerned would have received their arrears of wages and legal benefits, thanks to State aid, according to Director Chatelier.

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  1. The recent chief of this agency should be arrested. Lucien Francoeur is said to have stolen all the money allocated for houses in the South. He used his position to steal millions.

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